Shelby Chesnes: Most Frequently Asked Questions About The Model!


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In this article, we take a quick look at some questions about Shelby Chesnes who is a famous buxom model. We explore questions about her body stats such as her height, how she got into modeling and much more. With that being said, let’s begin. 

FAQs About Shelby Chesnes: Height, Body Measurements, Cheerleading, Modeling, and More

What is Shelby Chesnes’s height?

Buxom model Shelby Chesnes is measured at 5′ 3″ which is also known as 1.6 m. 

The brunette Shelby Chesnes once commented about her height saying: “Because I’m just 5’3″, it was hard to find modeling jobs. I mean, even my Pilates instructor calls me Peanut”.

How did Shelby Chesnes get into modeling? 

The buxom model was born on February 14, 1991 (also known as Valentines day) in Jupiter, Florida to a mother who was passionate about photography.  The following quote talks about her birthday as Shelby once said: “I was born on Valentine’s Day and I like love letters, flowers, and dinners out. It’s a little outdated, but I’m a romantic and I want my relationships to be special”.

Knockout Shelby Chesnes posed for her amateur photographer mother’s experiments in light and composition when she was a little girl. 

S Chesnes was selected to be Playboy’s Playmate of the Month for July, 2012 After sending her portfolio to Playboy.  

This was all backed up by one of her quotes when she said: “My mom was an amateur photographer and I used to pose for her experiments in light and composition. I had never read an article in Playboy, but I wanted to do something new so I submitted my portfolio”.

Where did Shelby Chesnes go to school?

The buxom model was a member of an all-star competitive cheerleading team and Chesnes did very well in that field in high school. 

This is proven by the fact that Shelby once quoted: “Growing up in Florida I was always outdoors riding horses, surfing, and paddleboarding. Then I was on an all-star competitive cheerleading team in high school. After graduation I became obsessed with exercise and nutrition, so now I work out almost every day. It makes me happy and helps me feel good about my body and myself”.

The future model then attended college so she could acquire an associate’s degree following graduation from high school and went on to start her own spray tan business. 

She is very business minded as she once quoted: “I’m very business minded. I love entrepreneurship and building companies from scratch. I’m much more responsible and mature than most people my age”.

What is Shelby Chesnes’s body measurements/trademark?

Lovely, buxom, and shapely 5’3″ brunette has certain trademark features including Long brown hair, a slender figure, and no plastic surgery. The model once commented about her body measurements saying: “No implants, contacts, or hair extensions. My hair, my eyes, my breasts — it’s all me”. 

An avid health and fitness nut, Shelby does yoga and Pilates in her spare time.

What is Shelby Chesnes’s diet? 

According to one of her quotes from 2012, the buxom model attested that she eats healthy food at all times, as she said: “I eat healthy, too. I work all the time, but there’s no reason I can’t eat well on the go — I’ve always got a healthy snack in my purse. You’ll never, ever catch me with a bag of gas station chips”. 

Shelby Chesnes’s Personal Quotes


  • I’d live in a bikini if I could.
  • I’m business minded and a lot more mature than other girls my age.
  • [on being chosen as the Playmate of the Month for July, 2012] I cried when I got the call. I was so excited — I’d been waiting to hear back for a couple of months. I couldn’t believe that I was going to be a Playmate.
  • Modeling is my passion. I have a blast doing it.
  • I’d never really thought about posing for Playboy. I mean, I watched The Girls Next Door (2005), but that was it. I knew another girl who had become a Playmate and I saw the way it had changed her life, so I decided to try it out.
  • I like when guys play hard to get. I love a little bit of a challenge.


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