Shannon Briggs Net Worth And 11 Facts


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American professional boxer Shannon Briggs who has a net worth of $10 to 12 million, amassed it through his successful boxing career as well as acting career. In this article, we expand on his networth and take a look at some cool facts about the boxer!

Shannon Briggs: 11 Quick Facts About The Boxer

Who is Shannon Briggs?

  • He is a famous American athlete, best known for his performances as a professional boxer.
  • The Brooklyn native is the New York Golden Gloves and United States champion and silver medalist at the 1991 Pan American Games.
  • He is well known for his destructive power, and he has amazing professional records. Shannon has also become famous for his huge figure and body structure as well. 
  • He has been an athlete for 20 years and is so skilled that he is a two-time world heavyweight boxing champion. 
  • Shannon is also an actor.

Early Life:

  • The boxer was born on 4th December 1971 at Brooklyn; in New York City, New York, USA. He was raised in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn with his family. 
  • In his youth, he became homeless for a specified period. 
  • The future pro athlete was only 12 years old met Mike Tyson in Bristol Park, Brooklyn, New York. 
  • During his early childhood, Shannon was diagnosed with an inflammatory disease and asthma. In 1996 his mother left this earth on his 25th birthday due to drug addiction, specifically a heroin overdose. 

Relationship History:

Shannon had a marital relationship with Alana Wilson. 

Height and Weight:

Shannon Briggs’s height is 1.93 m tall, and his weight is 119 kg. 


Shannon Briggs has so many boxing accolades in his professional career. This boxer amassed all his awards thanks to his formidable punching power and aggression, possessing an 88.3% knockout-to-win percentage with 37 knockout wins in the first round. The undisputed heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis once said in 2015 that Shannon Briggs had the fastest hands and best punching power of any opponent he ever fought against! This boxer holds notable wins over heavyweight champions George Foreman, Ray Mercer and Siarhei Liakhovich. Let’s look at some of his awards and certificates: 

He became Golden Gloves champion of New York City, New York State Champion, and National P.A.L. Champion. 

Shannon has taken home many titles as well as a silver medal in the Pan American games, 1991. The boxer finished second place at the Pan American Games as a Heavyweight during that year.

In 1992 the Brooklyn native was the Champion of the game of United States Amateur champion. 

In 2003 he was awarded the vacant IBU heavyweight title. He was also awarded the vacant NABA heavyweight title in 2014 as well. 


Shannon Briggs also goes by the sobriquet: The Cannon for his destructive power and powerful punches. 

Early Career:

Shannon Briggs’s early career began in 1992. In the 1997 Lineal heavyweight championship Briggs battled George Foreman, a lineal champion in Atlantic City, New Jersey. From 1998 to 2006 he spent his career battling against weak opponents. 

Flourishing Career and Hollywood:

In 2006 Briggs took home the WBO heavyweight championship title. From 2009 – 2010 Briggs battled in miscellaneous fights with topmost boxers. Almost 4 years later, Briggs came back in 2014 and fought six bouts. 

After another 3 years, Shannon dropped out from the list of top 15 boxers of WBA in 2017. 

Other than his boxing career Shannon has made a cameo in some famous movies like Transporter 2, Bad Boys II, The Wackness, Three Days to Vegas. He also showed up in some television series including Quite Frankly with Stephen A. Smith, Naked Sport, and New York Undercover. This talented boxer also appeared in The Score, a famous music album. 


Shannon Briggs has an estimated net worth of between $10 to $12million. This boxer’s net worth comes from his boxing and acting career. The professional boxing champion is known for his luxury house and expensive automobiles in his collection. The man has a huge fan base which helps him to get extra vigor in his career. 

Before Fame:

Before making it to the big leagues, this boxer began training at Jimmy O’Pharrow’s Starrett City Boxing Club in Brooklyn at age 17. 5 years before this, Briggs said that seeing Mike Tyson one day “changed his life.” He spotted the legend (and so did some friends of his) in Bristol Park, Brooklyn, New York. One of Briggs’ friends called out, “Here comes Mike.” 

The future pro boxer admitted that he was too scared to run. 

Music Career:

He was featured alongside legendary African American singer Lauryn Hill on The Fugees’ classic album The Score.


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Shannon Briggs Net Worth And 11 Facts

American professional boxer Shannon Briggs who has a net worth of $10 to 12 million, amassed it through...