Seth Meyers: Interesting Facts About The Famous SNL And Talk Show Host


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Seth Meyers is a popular American comedian and talk show host who became famous during his stint on Saturday Night Live. Over his career, Seth Meyers has also hosted a lot of award shows and big events.

Here Are Some Interesting Facts About Seth Meyers

Seth Meyers hosted the legendary 2018 Golden Globes Awards

The former chief writer of the satirical program Saturday Night Live, Seth Meyers hosted the Golden Globe Awards in 2018 for the first time. It was a ceremony full of symbolism from the beginning on the red carpet, which promised to bury the sexist practices of the past with a parade of actresses dressed in black.

Seth Meyers had to handle a very sensitive topic

Sexual harassment and inequity in the distribution of salaries is what the women of the show are demanding this year and Meyers was going to have to address the issue as expected, with accurate darts aimed at an audience of celebrities that is usually relaxed because the tables circulate the alcohol. And where there is very little crack to induce internal fights, because, with exceptions, like Jon Voight or Clint Eastwood, almost everyone in the room supports the Democratic party.

Seth Meyers took over from Jimmy Fallon as the Golden Globes host

Jimmy Fallon passed the baton to Meyers at night on the NBC network, where both have talk shows, and the same happened there since Fallon hosted the 2017 installment.

Seth Meyers had hosted big events previously

In the lead-up to the event, Ellen DeGeneres gave him classes on these tasks, although Seth knew some of this since he hosted the Emmy Awards in 2014 and also the correspondents’ dinner at the White House.

Seth Meyers is a vocal Donald Trump critic

Donald Trump, the president of the USA, was not going to be left out of the monologue, everyone knew this, because Meyers is one of those who hits him the most at night. A survey determined that 75 percent of the videos from his show that went viral with more than a million views had the word “Trump” in the title.

For this reason, Meyers was encouraged to anticipate that there would be political humor and that he would also dedicate part of the night to Hollywood inmates, who went from the too-white Oscar of 2016 to the work environment full of sexual harassers in 2017, since the first of the reported cases, that of producer Harvey Weinstein, emerged.

Seth Meyers was involved in the “Time’s Up” movement

What is going to be your practical joke on the producer? Everyone is attentive. In this ceremony, hosted by comedians, no one in the room is exempt from having a bad moment, one of those is when at a performance the magicians take you seriously.

“Things have to change”, “it is the death of everything bad that we have suffered until now”, and “we are entering a new era”, say the actresses who have already confirmed black as a form of silent but effective protest, at a party in which colors and brightness are usually the standards.

The falls to the precipice of several successful careers of actors, producers, and directors since October, the #The MeToo movement that gave a voice to women in Hollywood and made them Time magazine’s character of the year will be present, not only in the voice of the driver but also in the acceptance speeches.

This year it is Oprah Winfrey’s turn to say a couple of incorrect truths when receiving her Lifetime Achievement Award, as Meryl Streep did last year, turning against President Trump.

For Meyers, this was a very nice era to be a late-night host, since everyone gets along very well and seems to be aiming for the same targets. “They are not fun and they repeat themselves, will we have to force them to give the same space to those of us who are criticized?”

Seth Meyers is a master of balancing hard topics with light ones

Speaking on the matter, Seth Meyers said: “I think that’s the conversation we’ll continue to focus on as we get closer to the awards. We don’t want that night to be a therapy session in which we challenge everyone for what happened because we need to remember that great movies and series were released this year. Many people, we are realizing now, worked in work environments that were not that good and yet made wonderful films and series. So the goal is to make people have a wonderful night.”

Writing jokes in cathartic for Seth Meyers

Speaking on the process of writing jokes, Seth Meyers said: “There is something very cathartic about processing current events through our system, writing jokes about it and talking to people who make you laugh is a healthier way to deal with topics like politics or sexual abuse. I think that’s it. Ideally, we shouldn’t be talking about this, but we hope to talk in a way that will make us feel better instead of reminding us how terrible it was, is, and will continue to be.

Seth Meyers took inspiration from previous Golden Globes shows

Seth contributed some jokes when Amy Poehler and Tina Fey were hosts, so he was behind the scenes for those three years. Before hosting the show himself, Seth Meyers said that he would revisit his monologues because they were so good. He thought the same about Ricky Gervais as he didn’t think the show was perceived that way until he took control. So Seth Meyers thought in hindsight and seeing those three hosts gave him all the education he needed.

Seth Meyers made a joke about watching all the movies nominated in the show he was hosting

Seth Meyers said: “We have a 20-month-old son and another on the way, so I can’t wait to tell my pregnant wife that I have to watch those movies for work.”

Seth Meyers has a pre-stage ritual

This is what Seth Meyers said about his ritual before going on stage: “There is alcohol available, which is great. Generally, I have to sneak it into the gala and that helps. I’ve been a presenter at the Golden Globes a couple of times and one of the things I like about this ceremony, unlike the Emmys, is simply that the walk is shorter from the sides of the stage to the stage. That is very important because that long walk with people looking at you is when doubts and problems begin.


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