Rose Hanbury: Is She The Mystery Woman Prince William Had An Affair With?


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Rose Hanbury is a name that the British Royal Family doesn’t like hearing. She is rumoured to have had an affair with Crown Prince William. However, there hasn’t been any confirmation on the matter from any of the parties involved. Is Rose Hanbury’s affair with Prince William just made up? Who is Rose Hanbury? What is she like? What does Rose Hanbury do? In this post, we will find the answers to all those questions and more. Let’s get started.

Rose Hanbury: All You Need To Know

Who is Rose Hanbury?

The mystery surrounding Rose Hanbury is already deep. We are referring to the 38-year-old model and marquise who is the centre of the latest scandal involving the British Royal Family when it was revealed that she might have been in a romantic relationship with Prince William since 2019. Hanbury’s story is more than cryptic. She apparently dined with Prince William on Valentine’s Day as well.

Why is Rose Hanbury famous?

Hanbury, however, was only known in high society as a model for the Storm agency and, later, for having worked as an adviser to the conservative politician Michael Gove. In addition, in 2005 she starred with her sister Marina in some controversial photographs that were published in all the tabloids: both sisters appeared in a beach bar and dressed in skimpy bikinis together with former minister Tony Blair, who has always been persecuted by rumors of infidelity.

The Marquises of Cholmondeley lived in their impressive Houghton Hall palace in Norfolk, just four miles from Amber Hall, the house that Queen Elizabeth II I gave to the Princes of Wales. In fact, Kate Middleton’s eldest son, Prince George, was for years a playmate of Rose’s twins, Alexander and Oliver. The lunches, dinners and meetings of both families were frequent and during them, the sentimental approach of Rose and Guillermo could take place.

Did Rose Hanbury have an affair with Prince William?

Everything about Hanbury and Prince William is weird, very weird. In fact, nothing that happens around the couple has to do with a normal reaction to toxic information. It was in 2019 when The Sun, the great yellow newspaper of the British press, spoke of the romance between the eldest son of Carlos III and Rose, also a friend of Kate Middleton. She reacted to the rumor in the worst way: she cut off her relationship with Hanbury. At that time she was pregnant with her third child, Louis.

How did the rumour of the affair spread?

The general perception is that The Sun would have uncovered an extramarital relationship between Rose Hanbury and Prince William, the first that would break the image of the perfect couple maintained by the princes of Wales. A false news website would have been inspired by this suspicion with a hint of reality to invent the famous Valentine’s dinner, although Kate Middleton contributed a revelation: she confessed that she did not expect flowers from her husband on Valentine’s Day, because he is not a “retailer”.

This hoax reached all the media on the planet, including the British. However, a few hours after this global ‘fake’ was echoed, the news about the famous Valentine’s dinner between Rose Hanbury and Prince William disappeared from the British newspapers. Not a trace of the romance remained, a fact that triggered a new rumor, even more scandalous, about a possible case of censorship by Buckingham Palace.

How did all the Rose Hanbury-Prince William affair rumours disappear?

In reality, royal officials would not have had to call every newspaper, every website, and every blog to completely wipe the trace of Rose Hanbury and Prince William’s romance from the net. Because the British Crown has a much more effective instrument, a legal tool called super injunction that prohibits publishing information that is harmful to relevant people or corporations, in this case to the Princes of Wales. It is so withering that it is even forbidden to reveal that it has been used.

How did Rose Hanbury get married?

Rose Hanbury managed to bring the Marquis of Cholmondeley to the altar in 2010. He was one of the golden bachelors of British society, with a fortune valued at 112 million pounds, 25 million more than the prince of Wales treasures. He had a multitude of girlfriends and relationships with celebrities, including the gorgeous French actress Isabelle Adjani and the Irish heiress Sabrina Guinness, who also dated Carlos III at the time.

Is Rose Hanbury getting a divorce?

What now puts Rose Hanbury back in the headlines (beware: not the Brits, who continue to ignore it) is her potential divorce from her husband, David Rocksavage, 7th Marquess of Cholmondeley, 62. Although Rose’s grandmother, Lady Elizabeth Lambart, was a lady-in-waiting to Queen Elizabeth II when she married Philip of Edinburgh, William’s alleged mistress is not of aristocratic blood. Until now, she was a marquise, yes, but a consort.

How can Rose Hanbury impact Prince William’s life?

Rumors about a possible romantic relationship between Rose Hanbury and Prince William could greatly affect the couple, especially due to the possibility that the aristocracy would turn their backs on them or stop receiving invitations from the royal family. However, the Marquises of Cholmondeley attended both the mass for Philip of Edinburgh and the funeral of Elizabeth II, fulminating rumors of cancellation.

Now, it is the rumors of the divorce of the Marquises of Cholmondeley that are resurrecting a story that nobody wants to hear in the run-up to the Coronation. Let us remember that the marquis was seen without his wedding ring on two occasions: in 2019, at a state dinner in honor of Donald Trump, and again in 2021. And that, recently, some sources close to Houghton Hall have revealed that Rose Hanbury feels alone and abandoned in Norfolk. Her palace has 106 rooms.

For almost five years there has been talk that Prince William has an extramarital affair with Rose Hanbury, who years ago was a friend of Kate Middleton and is now the Marquise of Cholmondeley by her marriage to aristocrat David Rocksavage.

It was “In Touch” magazine that announced the alleged love affair while Kate was pregnant with Louis, her youngest child, in 2018. Even a video of William and Rose went viral on social media when the “Daily Mail” and “The Sun” revealed that Hanbury and Middleton had a rift.

Faced with this worldwide scandal, it transpired that the British royal family would sue for defamation and little by little William’s supposed love affair came to naught. However, several media outlets have taken up information indicating that the prince would have spent the last February 14 with Hanbury and that he would have even given him expensive gifts. Without foundations, the wave rose again against the Princes of Wales.

The only real thing in all this fuss is that Kate Middleton and Rose Hanbury are no longer as close as before, but as if that were not enough, in addition to sharing the leading role in this story of ‘forbidden love’, they both have a project in common.

What do Kate Middleton and Rose Hanbury have in common?

The Princess of Wales is the royal patron of East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices, an organization that helps children and young people living in vulnerable situations. It provides minors with care and advisory help.

But she is not alone. Hanbury is also active in the relief organization as a patron, which is protecting the beneficiaries of East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices. So far it is unknown if Kate and Rose have been in the work of helping her.

One of the last times Rose Hanbury was seen living with the royal family was at a 2017 dinner that the then Queen Elizabeth II organized in honor of King Felipe VI of Spain and Queen Letizia.


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