Noel Fisher: He Was The Child Actor Who Went Unnoticed For Years!


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It is very likely that if you hear the name of Noel Fisher, you will remember the name, but you might not remember his face. Surely, the cause of this is that the Canadian actor, who is 37 years old, during a large part of his career has devoted himself to having capitular roles in series known to the general public, and to performing secondary characters in fiction and movies with thousands of followers. Nonetheless, he shall be the star of our blog and be given the lead role as we discuss 11 facts about his life thus far. 

Noel Fisher’s Life Over The Years, Explained In 11 Facts 

1. Noel Fisher and Shameless, This Is How He Got Cast:

Noel Fisher: He Was The Child Actor Who Went Unnoticed For Years!

Shameless has introduced us to some incredibly fascinating characters over the eight seasons he has traveled. One of the favorites of the series, Mickey Milkovich, had been a stable character for 11 seasons. 

Despite being on notable shows like Bones, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Criminal Minds – Suspicious Behavior, and having had parts in other shows, it seems that being a gay bully, Mickey Milkovich in Shameless would be his ultimate calling. 

He had a big break after having lost the final callback for his character in Shameless. However, he was so desperate for the role that he filmed a directorial look-alike session that he sent to the casting directors. Now in favour of the ginger gay bully, they loved Noel Fisher’s acting and called him in to read the part and the rest is history.

2. A Young Noel Came Into This World In Canada: 

Noel Roeim Fisher was born in his native Canada in Vancouver, British Columbia, on March 13, 1984. 

3. He Always Loved Acting At A Young Age:

His career blossomed when he was cast in the first role in the TV movie ‘The Sheldon Kennedy Story’, a sports drama film about ice hockey player Sheldon Kennedy. Then at the age of 15, he got into voice acting and lent his voice to Sapo, one of the main villains of the animated series ‘X-Men: Evolution’, which came to an end in 2003.

4. Before His Success At 14, Came Many Experiments: 

Despite all his success, Fisher credits his parents for the ability to pursue the arts as the actor has recounted several times how his parents encouraged him to take different kinds of classes, including piano lessons, which was his favorite. 

He also took acting classes before he would make it big at the age of 14, and hasn’t looked back since, even though stardom for him wasn’t instantaneous. Throughout his teens, the aspiring Canadian actor appeared in roles on both the small and big screen, but neither was big enough to be called his breakthrough until the mid-2000s. 

5. Fisher’s Major Hits Were Godiva and The Riches:

The Canadian actor Noel Fisher began his career as a teenager in 1999 and despite making it into a TV show,  Fisher only managed small parts in films that did not attract much attention. But then all that changed in 2007 when Noel was cast in The Riches, the FX series about Irish con artists where Noel played Cael Malloy. 

The show lasted only 2 seasons, but it was enough to give Fisher’s career the boost it always deserved. Since then he has gone ahead to achieve great things and his future looked brighter, or should we say looked “Shameless”. 

6. Charity Work:

By sponsoring a girl in Zambia, the Canadian actor celebrated his early success and he described it as one of the most rewarding experiences he has ever had.

7. Other Acting Jobs:

In terms of  movies, Noel Fisher has had parts in Battle Los Angeles (2011), and The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 (2012). You might not recognize the actor as he played 1,500-year-old vampire Vladimir. 

On the other hand, shows like ‘ The Mentalist ‘, ‘ Two and a Half Men ‘, ‘ Bones, ‘ Law and Order ‘, or ‘ Criminal Minds ‘ are some of the fictions in which he has appeared as a guest; although in his career, we find a wide range of records: such as his voice acting as Noel Fisher has voiced the character of Michelangelo in two animated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles films. 

8. Noel Fisher Is Often Misunderstood As Being Gay:

Certain actors who are capable of playing their characters a little too well make audiences 

wonder if the actor himself has any gay inclinations or personal real-life experiences, and that’s the case with Noel Fisher, who does an amazing job playing Mickey Milkovich’s gay character in Showtime’s Shameless.

The fact is, Noel Fisher is really just a great actor and he relies on his acting skills to portray that gay part. In fact, Fisher is not only straight, but different from his character in Shameless, a faithful lover. Since 2005, even before making it big in the industry, Fisher has been in a relationship with the fiery Afghan actress Layla Alizada, to whom he is now married.

The couple met in the makeup trailer for the Canadian comedy drama Godiva and soon their relationship was taken to the next level during the warp party. That night, they got really close and ended up having their first kiss. After about a decade of dating, Fisher asked her Afghan boyfriend the question during a romantic trip to St. Regis in Bora Bora in May 2014.

The couple waited another year before sealing the deal in an intimate wedding ceremony on the 15th. July 2017 that included only 60 close family members and friends. In their interview with People magazine, the couple described their day as magical (see our next point below). The bride was dressed in a Morilee gown, while Fisher opted for a sky blue Kenneth Cole tuxedo.

Did you know? The couple even starred in the 2015 Oscar-nominated short film, Day One. They have long been established in Los Angeles.

9. Noel Fisher’s Marriage:

The actor of Canadian origin, married his darling Layla Alizada (an Afghan) at the age of 33. 

The actor put the ring on his partner’s finger during a “magical” ceremony held on July 15, 2017. About sixty guests, relatives and friends, were present for the occasion. They enjoyed a Mediterranean-inspired meal and drank wine from the Patricius estate. 

“We have always wanted a small, intimate wedding. It was a magical and even more special day to experience with the help of those who are dear to us. We are so grateful to have these people in our lives and that everyone has been able to share this day with us, ”the couple told People magazine. 

During the ceremony, Noel Fisher had opted for a costume from Kenneth Cole while Layla Alizada wore a dress signed by Morilee. The couple met in 2005 on the set of Godiva and began dating each other till they got engaged in 2014, and on July 15, 2017, were married. 

Layla Alizada was born on August 10, 1977. She has appeared on many notable television shows including The Muppets, Days of Our Lives, Eye Closed, and Jane the Virgin.

10. Noel Fisher’s Height:

Noel Fisher is of an average height, with a height of 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm). Fisher is a few inches shorter than his wife Layla Alizada, who is about 6 feet tall.

11. Noel Fisher Almost Never Came Back To Shameless:

The Canadian actor’s most important role of his career (and the one that has caused the most media coverage) has been that of the young criminal Mickey Milkovich in the TV series Shameless. 

Noel Fisher won the affection of fans playing a repressed homosexual in Chicago’s most troubled suburbs, acting as Ian Gallaghers’ last love and their whole relationship was one of the best parts of the show. When Ian decided not to go to Mexico with Mickey in Season 7, it was definitely a heartbreaking moment for both of them and all the fans who wanted them to work, which everyone was.

But as the seasons progressed, he came back in Season 10, the couple even ended up in prison as many fans clamored for his return. 

Since the main plot consists of the evolution of his relationship with Ian Gallegher ( Cameron Monaghan ) and the acceptance of bad morals and ethics, there’s also the idea that Noels’ character Mickey deserves someone better than Ian. If I were to return to the show, a love triangle might be possible. It will be worth it to see how love might prevail or evolve.

We all know Mickey can escape anything. If he could escape prison, we weren’t sure Shameless could last without Noel Fisher in the cast. All in all, we would all like to see Mickey as a different man, not who he was but what he did. It would be nice to see him fix his life somehow and ultimately be the person who could really be good to Ian. However, it was not that easy. 


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