Michelle Obama: Interesting Facts About America’s Former First Lady


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Michelle Obama is the famous wife of America’s 49th President, Barack Obama. However, Michelle Obama didn’t just become famous because of her husband, she was a successful lawyer and politician even before she married Barack Obama. After becoming the 49th First Lady of America, she also became an immensely popular figure in the country. 

Here Are Some Interesting Facts About Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama descended from slaves

An infant Michelle Obama (right) with her family

The future wife of Barack Obama was born on January 17, 1964. At birth she was given the name Michelle Lavon Robinson. The girl’s distant ancestors on both the maternal and paternal lines were slaves. Stories about their difficult destinies forever left an imprint on her soul.

Michelle Obama grew up in Chicago

Michelle Obama (left) with her elder brother Craig

Michelle spent her childhood in the southern part of the American city of Chicago, where she grew up with her older brother Craig. Her parents Fraser Robinson III and Marian Shields rented living space in a two-story house owned by the future celebrity’s great-aunt. The small room was divided by wooden partitions through which the children talked at night or tossed a sock to each other.

Michelle Obama loved playing Monopoly

Her father worked at a water station, her mother remained a housewife until her daughter went to high school. Later in an interview, the first lady recalled that as a child, in her free time, she loved to play Monopoly and read. The girl also learned to play the piano – her great-aunt taught music.

Michelle Obama’s father had multiple sclerosis

When Michelle was in elementary school, her father was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Worried about her dad, she obeyed him in everything and followed his instructions not to get into trouble and to be a diligent student. In her sixth year, Michelle joined Bryn Mawr School’s gifted class.

Michelle Obama was a gifted student

Michelle Obama (third row, second from right) with her classmates in school

The girl was active and diligent. At Whitney Young High School, the student was repeatedly named to the honor roll and served on the school council and other civic groups at the institution. When she brought home her report card, they would go to the local pizzeria or buy ice cream.

Michelle Obama Went To Princeton University

Following the example of her older brother, the 17-year-old graduate in 1981 chose Princeton University. There, student Robinson received a first-level education – she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in sociology. During her studies, Michelle was engaged in research related to the situation of representatives of national minorities.

Michelle Obama was a student activist

Michelle’s second stage of education was at Harvard Law School. In 1988 she was awarded the degree of Doctor of Law. As a student, she was an activist, participating in rallies at which demands were proclaimed for universities to hire teachers representing minorities.

Michelle Obama’s first job was that of a lawyer

In the late 1980s, the Harvard School graduate joined the Chicago law firm Sidley Austin. Michelle Obama’s specialty was intellectual property protection. In an interview, Michelle admitted that, in her youth, she earned more than her parents could dream of, but she did not feel happy and did not want to do this all her life.

Michelle Obama took a pay cut to enter politics

As a result, she moved to the mayor’s office, where she became an assistant to the city mayor, working for much less pay. Responsibilities included issues related to the development of city government. In 1993, Michelle Obama headed the Chicago chapter of the volunteer organization Community Allies, which recruited youth volunteers to solve social problems. She later admitted that she had never felt happier before.

Michelle Obama is a prominent social activist

So Michelle realized that social activity was her calling. In 1996, the girl was hired at the University of Chicago. She first served as associate dean for student engagement and then became executive director of communications at the university’s Academic Medical Center. Obama later received the post of vice president of the division.

For some time, Michelle Obama was on the board of the grocery giant TreeHouse Foods – this company sells products through the Walmart chain. But after her husband criticized the work of the holding company in a public speech at an economic forum in 2007, she left the organization.

Michelle Obama worked for the upliftment of the homeless

Michelle Obama serving food at a homeless shelter

Barack Obama’s victory in the presidential election marked the beginning of a new stage of social activity for Michelle. The first lady’s attention was drawn to the problems of the homeless – she made several visits to shelters and canteens for the poor.

One of Obama’s most high-profile initiatives was a campaign to promote organic food. The First Lady created beds with cucumbers and tomatoes on the territory adjacent to the White House. The wife of the American leader later described her personal experience of vegetable growing, as well as the importance for America of a return to organic food in a book published in 2012.

Michelle Obama worked towards combating childhood obesity

Michelle’s other initiatives included combating childhood obesity, supporting women balancing careers and family, and promoting arts education. In 2012, Obama and her husband publicly spoke out in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage. To support her own views, she repeatedly participated in television shows and appeared on the covers of glossy publications.

Michelle Obama has stepped away from politics now

After her husband left office, Obama supported Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election. But then she decided that she no longer wanted to be involved in politics while remaining a public figure. She continued to be invited to TV shows and interviews.

Michelle Obama allegedly hugged the British Queen inappropriately

The visit of the American couple to Buckingham Palace in 2009 is widely known. At a reception organized by Elizabeth II for the heads of the G20 countries, an American broke protocol and hugged the Queen of Great Britain.

The frivolous gesture caused a lot of noise in conservative Britain, but it did not lead to a scandal. The Queen did not focus on this, but in 2018, when she met with Donald Trump and his wife, she wore the brooch that Michelle gave her. Journalists regarded this as a hint of the monarch’s sympathy for the former US leader.

Michelle Obama was accused of being transgender

Another scandal erupted regardless of Obama’s will. Netizens discovered signs in the celebrity that she was transgender. This greatly offended Michelle, but she managed to refrain from making harsh public statements, only briefly mentioning the speculation in her book Becoming. My Story” (Becoming), published in 2018.

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