Megan Olivi: America’s Premier UFC Journalist


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Megan Olivi is a popular American sports media personality who is most famous as a Mixed Martial Arts reporter. Megan Olivi is one of the better known journalists working with the UFC and she also hosts UFC Ultimate Insider on Fox Sports 1. Megan Olivi is also a host and reporter for UFC on ESPN. Megan Olivi is also married to UFC fighter Joseph Benavidez. In this post, we will find out more about Megan Olivi. Let’s get started.

Megan Olivi: All You Need To Know

When was Megan Olivi born?

Megan Olivi was born on August 26, 1986, in New Jersey. Megan Olivi is the youngest of three siblings. Megan Olivi has Italian ancestry.

How was Megan Olivi’s childhood?

Megan Olivi’s youth and childhood were spent in Nazareth, Pennsylvania. Megan Olivi was a gifted athlete and played softball in high school. She was also an aspiring gymnast but was forced to abandon her pursuit because of her family’s tough financial situation.

Which college did Megan Olivi study in?

After letting go of her gymnastics aspirations, Megan Olivi focused on her education and enrolled at Seton Hall University after high school. Megan Olivi majored in Political Science. 

How did Megan Olivi start her journalism career?

During her time at Seton Hall, Megan Olivi earned an internship with Fox News. She eventually went on to earn a master’s degree at Fordham University in Broadcast Journalism. After finishing her master’s, Megan Olivi earned a chance to cover Mixed Martial Arts events in Las Vegas. Megan Olivi wasn’t a huge MMA fan but she decided to move across the country to take a chance with her career. 

Megan Olivi and MMA: Love At First Sight

Even though Megan Olivi was not a huge MMA fan before moving to Las Vegas to cover the sport, she fell in love with the sport soon after that. Megan Olivi’s on-camera skills kept improving exponentially as well. She eventually started co-hosting the live Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Pre Show Fight Day. 

After establishing herself as a high calibre MMA journalist, Megan Olivi signed with Fox Sports to cover UFC events. She also got a role as a lifestyle segment host on 


In between all the UFC and MMA stuff, Megan Olivi also had a small stint with Fox 6 News San Diego as a Social Media Reporter covering the MLB team, the San Diego Padres. She produced and hosted a weekly show called “Padres POV”. However, this tryst with baseball didn’t last very long for Megan Olivi and she went back to Las Vegas to cover UFC events once again. Currently, Megan Olivi hosts UFC Ultimate Insider on Fox Sports 1. She also has a series on UFC Fight Pass, The Exchange With Megan Olivi. Megan Olivi also appears on UFC on ESPN. She is usually very active during all fight broadcasts, live reporting, interviewing and hosting the show from her desk. She is definitely one of the hardest working non-fighters in the UFC.


Megan Olivi also has a role in the NFL on FOX. She works as a sideline reporter during the season. She started this role during the 2021 season.

Who is Megan Olivi’s husband?

On October 9, 2015, Megan Olivi married MMA fighter Joseph Benavidez. In many information and entertainment publications, Olivi and Benavidez are called one of the best MMA couples. While both are not ready to have children and enjoy the opportunity to devote free time to each other. 

Joseph Benavidez is an American UFC fighter of Mexican descent who has several times claimed the status of division champion. But a series of disappointing defeats allows analysts today to draw a conclusion about the athlete’s missed opportunities. He himself, already a veteran of mixed martial arts, hopes to turn the situation around and compete with the leaders of the prestigious organization.

On his Instagram account, Benavidez is happy to share details of his personal life with his subscribers, posting joint photos with his wife Megan Olivi from their travels. The couple prefers seaside holidays, and quiet beaches where they can be alone. By the way, Megan and Joseph are not alone on their trips – they are almost always accompanied by their pet Benny.

How did Megan Olivi’s husband start MMA?

Joseph Benavidez was born in San Antonio on July 31, 1984. Mexican by nationality, he grew up in a family with two brothers and was raised by a single mother.

Benavidez took up boxing in high school, then became interested in wrestling. And even at the age of 16, he took first place in New Mexico state tournaments. After entering William Penn University, he continued to improve his skills.

However, during his student years, Joseph began to abuse drugs and alcohol. For some time, the young man stopped striving for sports altogether. But he managed to overcome his addiction, after which his youthful interest grew into something more serious.

How is Megan Olivi’s husband doing in UFC?

At the end of 2020, the fighter’s personal statistics did not look so attractive, given the repeated defeat by Deiveson Figueiredo in Abu Dhabi. Having missed another chance to win the championship title, Joseph did not give up trying to increase the rankings in the promotion.

On March 7, 2021, the fight took place as part of the UFC 259 tournament. According to forecasts, the American’s opponent, Askar Askarov, had more advantages, which consisted of his young age, better speed, and reaction.

And so it happened – the Russian fighter won by unanimous decision. By the way, Askar had never known defeat before this meeting – only one meeting with Brandon Moreno ended in a draw.

As for Benavidez’s professional biography, analysts are sure that he can no longer compete with the top fighters of the promotion. The veteran is dangerous on the stand and demonstrates aggressive pressing, but is too old for his category (flyweight). He gets tired quite quickly, and this also affects the accuracy of the strike. But even realizing that there will be no chance for the division champion belt, Joseph Benavidez is not going to end his career with a series of defeats. However, he has had a long and successful UFC career. On the way, he has also had the privilege of marrying a beautiful and smart woman like Megan Olivi. Benavidez has won in life.

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