Making A Murderer Season 3: When Can We See More Of This Awesome Docu-Series?


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Crime documentaries are a very popular genre of TV programming. Even though they deal with a terrifying subject matter, a lot of viewers seem to be completely engrossed by it. One of the more popular shows of such kind is Making A Murderer on Netflix. The popular show debuted on the streaming giant in 2015. It had two successful and popular seasons which left the fans wanting more. In this post, we will find out more about Making A Murderer Season 3 and take a general look at the show as well. Let’s get started.

Making A Murderer Season 3: All You Need To Know

Who are the creators of Making A Murderer?

The popular crime documentary show has been written and directed by Moira Demos and Laura Ricciardi. The show got people talking as soon as it was released and received good critical acclaim as well.

When is Making A Murderer Season 3 coming out?

There is no official update on the release date of Making A Murderer Season 3. The show debuted on Netflix on December 18, 2015. The last episode of season 2 came out on October 20, 2018. It has been over four years and we haven’t heard anything from the showrunners or Netflix. However, the fact that Making A Murderer Season 2 left us with so many unanswered questions that Making A Murderer Season 3 can be expected.  The show is quite popular with its fans as well. So it’s quite surprising that the third season of Making A Murderer has still not been released. The showrunners recently gave a vague reply to the questions about Making A Murderer Season 3

What can be the expected plotline of Making A Murderer Season 3?

Based on how the show’s second season ended, fans of Making A Murderer can’t really be certain about the prisoners’ future. While both Dassey and Avery were still imprisoned, their legal teams were working hard to get them out.  Making A Murderer Season 3 will most likely pick up on this storyline, if and when it’s released. 

Why is Making A Murderer so good?

The first season of Making a Murderer  (2016) left without arguments those who maintain that documentaries are boring, with a structure that has nothing to envy a thriller, with crazy plot twists and even an unexpected outcome. And, above all, with the addition of what is being seen, it is absolutely real, although at the moment one wishes that it were not. For all this, Making A Murderer became the mother of the docu-series.

Now the second season (10 chapters of 50 minutes) of this Netflix original series continues to detail the case of Steven Avery and his nephew, Brendan Dassey, both accused of murder. But, before anything new, it is worth reviewing the beginning of this story which has Manitowoc as its epicenter, an unknown town in the United States that has now achieved worldwide fame.

Avery went to jail in 1985, accused of rape. A crime that he never committed, as demonstrated years later with the development of DNA tests. But by the time his innocence was proven, he had already spent 18 years of his life in prison.

Upon leaving, he filed a lawsuit for 36 million dollars, but just days before that trial began, he was mysteriously accused – like his nephew – of the murder of Teresa Halbach, a young photographer. There was no case: when the entire apparatus of the Police, the judiciary, and also the media, cross someone, there is very little -or nothing- that can be done.

But, as in any true story, the events continued to happen and that is why we got the second season. Now the documentary began to play in the past. The case gained enormous popularity, it is often the subject of debate on television, lawyers travel the country giving talks and protests are held for and against, mainly questioning the bias of the story. In one of them, a man questions looking at the camera: “Don’t let Netflix control your way of thinking.”

The new great protagonist is Kathleen Zellner, a media lawyer who in the past achieved the freedom of 17 convicted people. “I’ll be 18,” Avery enthuses. The story continued to detail and find new evidence about her innocence, and portray the life of her family and her new girlfriends (an Avery custom); always with the expectation that an event will produce an unexpected twist.

The newness of Making a Murderer, perhaps without the novelty of its discovery continues to generate that feeling of anguish and impotence in the face of certain facts that one considers unfair, and also that expectation that leads to marathon chapter after chapter, which are binged faster than any other fictional series.


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