Legal Troubles for Anabel Pantoja: Unveiling the Intriguing Details of the Lawsuit


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The niece of Isabel Pantoja is getting sued by Marta Riesco. Did you see the battle between Anabel Pantoja and Marta Riesco coming? Here are all the important facts that led to the feud. 

The Anabel Pantoja and Marta Riesco Feud Continues

Anabel Pantoja grew up in Cantora while the reporter Marta Riesco grew up in Madrid. The former gained fame as  the defender of her cousin Kiko Rivera when he participated in Survivors. Later, Ana Rosa Quintana signed her and her future nemesis Marta Riesco as collaborators for the  ‘The Ana Rosa Program’. While they both ended up in the same professional arena, they seem to be very different. 

Marta Riesco has been the absolute protagonist of the last week. The journalist from The AR program and Antonio David have begun a love story that has become the center of all criticism and the last one has come from the hand of Anabel Pantoja. The collaborator of ‘Sálvame’, who first remained silent, has now made her opinion clear by showing the rejection she feels towards Marta.

Anabel Pantoja didn’t appreciate Marta’s comments on Omar: 

Anabel Pantoja has clarified that the only reason why she does not want to have Marta Riesco by her side is because of the insinuations she made about Omar Sánchez: “She was telling very ugly things about my husband through the corridors, like he fooled around with others, which is not true,” Anabel explained. 

Anabel and Omar became husband and wife last October in an idyllic wedding in La Graciosa. Despite all the rumors that have emerged about the possible infidelities of the former Survivor contestant, the influencer has turned a deaf ear and has denied all the information that seeks to create a crisis in her marriage. The lovebirds are at their best and Anabel plans to continue standing up for Omar no matter what happens.

Anabel Pantoja left “Save Me” to focus on her mental health: 

Anabel Pantoja came back to “Save Me” or Sálvame’ in January 2022 after leaving the program a few weeks before her relationship with Omar Sánchez, to ensure that she would not return. 

However, the Sevillian reappeared on the set of what has been her job for the last six years, assuring that the misunderstanding that said she was leaving the program to “work with dignity” was just that, a misunderstanding. Then the truth came out, she confessed to Jorge Javier the real reason for his absence: a crisis in his mental health.

“I’ve taken so long because I wasn’t feeling well here. I needed to leave. They were reasons not to consider coming back here. I’ve learned to get up and not think here. Now I get up in the morning and think: What do I want to do? I didn’t leave for anyone, let that be clear. Apart from the wedding and so on, I wasn’t well. I left here devastated. I made good money, but then I didn’t enjoy it. I have gone ahead with my things,” Anabel began by explaining to Jorge Javier.

BUT Anabel’s return could not have been more famous. The influencer returned and faced all the controversies that have surrounded her family during her absence, and openly gave her opinion on Julián Muñoz’s statements and her story with Isabel Pantoja in the docuseries It’s not time for revenge, it’s a time of the truth: “Isabel Pantoja, as far as possible, despite everything, continues to feed her. I think his intention has been to leave Isabel Pantoja in a bad way and, of course, for money”, sentenced the Sevillian.

Anabel also spoke about her relationship with her cousin, Kiko Rivera, a mystery since the DJ declared that his “only family” was his wife, Irene Rosales, and his daughters. Anabel confirmed that she had no contact with her cousin: “Can’t we be united? Well, let each of us be happy,” she said, annoyed.

But the juiciest moment of her first afternoon after her return was when she revealed one of Cantora’s best-kept secrets: what happened on the famous night of passion that took place during a New Year’s party on December 31, 2018, held on the farm.

Anabel turns a deaf ear, Marta sues:

On Monday, January 17, Anabel Pantoja returned to ” Sálvame ” after five months away from the program and dropped a bombshell: She witnessed a passionate sexual encounter in Cantora on December 31, 2019. 

The story has been fascinating but the collaborator has been blunt, saying: “Inside my house, because I consider it my house, I have the right to tell you about it . If I witness something in my house, I will tell what happens. In the end there are consequences”, said Anabel Pantoja. 

So, what’s the story?

It is alleged that on New Year’s Eve, two women starred in a very risque encounter inside Isabel Pantoja’s home and one of them was Marta Riesco, the current partner of Antonio David Flores. The other party is unknown. 

“It was not the right place. It was a passageway to some rooms. That’s why I didn’t understand that scene… one was eating and the other was moaning,” she said, even imitating the posture of the two girls while they were having fun. “I interrupted the act, because the act was starting,” she continued. 

Then the collaborator says she closed the door and allowed time for the area to be cleared. The next day Anabel Pantoja told her cousin Kiko about it. She told him what happened but her cousin didn’t believe the story.

Was it really Marta Riesco on the sofa with another woman?

Anabel did not want to confirm at any time that one of the protagonists was Marta Riesco, but she has not denied said information either. What she did say is that this specific person would have made up information about her to harm her on television, so her colleagues and the presenter assumed that it was Riesco.

The aftermath of this rumor did not end well. 

Journalist Marta Riesco who is a former friend of Isa and now at the center of the media hurricane for her relationship with Antonio David Flores took a shot at Anabel. 

The journalist has hired a lawyer Theresa Oxen to go against Anabel Pantoja and other people for what they have said about her. 


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