Layla Alizada: 6 Facts About The Wife Of Actor Noel Fisher


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While Layla Alizada’s core fans continue to grow with her appearances on television, questions about her life and career continue to multiply. Who exactly is Layla Alizada? Where does she come from? Who is Layla Alizada’s husband? You will discover all of this and more as you read on.

The Canadian actress who has an ethnic style and look was born in Kabul, Afghanistan. After she grew up in the US, Layla Alizada would go on to be known for her guest roles on several popular American television shows, including Jane the Virgin, The Muppets in addition to acting in recurring roles in Days of Our Lives and Shut Eye. The actress has been married to Shameless actor Noel Fisher since 2017. While these 2 things are the most well-known facts about her, our blog discusses some lesser-known things about Layla Alizada which might pique your interest! 

Layla Alizada: 6 Biography Facts, Childhood, Acting Career, and Marriage

1. Childhood life of Layla Alizada:

Layla Alizada

Originally from Afghanistan, Layla Alizada was born on August 10, 1977 in Kabul. Shortly after her birth, her family emigrated to Montreal, Canada, which became the place where she created her childhood memories. She stayed in Montreal for years before moving to Vancouver.

2. Layla Alizada was scouted in high school:

Layla Alizada

She was involved in the high school drama club and was spotted by a talent agent when she was 13. Soon she started acting professionally in 1995, and made her official debut in an episode of Strange Luck, titled Hat Trick. She was also a series regular in the high school drama KidZone.

3. Layla Alizada is also a stage actress:

Layla Alizada

On stage, she has played a lead role in productions of King Lear, Fan, Obsession and Merlin by Lady Windermere. She was featured in the Academy Award nominated short Day One.

4. In 2017, she married Noel Fisher:

Layla Alizada

Layla Alizada is indeed a married woman. She started dating Canadian actor Noel Fisher in 2005 after they met on the set of a Canadian drama television series. Godiva. They dated long before they got engaged in 2014 and in 2017, precisely on July 15, they exchanged marriage vows.

Fisher, who is a few years younger than Layla Alizada was born on March 13, 1984 in Vancouver, British Columbia. Like his wife, he started acting in his teens and also took various lessons, including the piano, which he fell in love with. His first professional role was in the TV movie The Story of Sheldon Kennedy, at the age of 14. Fisher also entered the American entertainment industry reprising roles in top Hollywood shows and films. He is best known for his appearance on the Showtime series Shameless, where he played Mickey Milkovich and for his performance on The Rich – He played the role of Cael Malloy on the FX series. Some of his film roles can be seen in Hatfields and McCoys as Ellison mounts “Cotton Top”, The Twilight Saga: Breaking the Dawn – Part 2 as Vladimir, Final Destination as Brian Gibbons, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and its sequel Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles : come out of the shadows like Michelangelo. He’s also made several appearances on top TV shows such as Criminal Minds: Suspicious Behavior, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Bones, Lie to Me, and many more.

In 2018, Noel Fisher was cast in Al Capone’s Fonzobiopic where he played Junior, the son of the American gangster. Some of his other projects include the CBS series The Red Line, as well as a recurring role in the Hulu series Castle of Stone.

5. Layla Alizada Career:

For her role as Meena in Chasing Freedom, Layla Alizada would earn recurring and guest television roles in Da Vinci’s Inquest, The Muppets, Jane the Virgin, Shut Eye, Taken and more.

If there is anything for which the Gemini-nominated and Gracie-winning actress is characterized for, it is for her dedication in preparing for the roles assigned to her. We don’t just speak physically, but also mentally and intellectually. Knowing what the daily life of her character would look like and looking for real references is her main task during many months of work. Here you can see the results of this hard work in all the films she has made throughout her life.

Early Career:

While born in Afghanistan and raised in Canada, the beautiful actress has a collection of American television shows to her name. 

Alizada was 13 and in high school when she was scouted by an arts agent.  

One of her professional roles was when she was part of her high school drama club, and soon Layla Alizada started building her acting profile in her teens. Her debut introduced her to various audiences including the American entertainment industry which offered her television roles as mentioned above. Her role in Days of Our Lives as Kelly and her role as Regina in Jane the Virgin are just a few examples.

Continued Career and Success:

Some of her later Hollywood projects include The Muppets and Jane the Virgin, where she has played guest roles, as well as Days of Our Lives and Closed Eye, where she has portrayed recurring roles.

Layla Alizada also channeled her Afghan roots in the 2004 TV movie Chasing Freedom where she played the role of Meena. Her character in the film is an Afghan refugee who, in her attempt to escape the Taliban, destroys her identity. and seeks political asylum in the United States. The actress also starred in Closed Eye, bringing the recurring character Simza to life.

The Afghan-born actress has done productions of King Lear, Lady Windermere’s Fan, Obsession, and Merlin under her belt. She was also featured in Day One, the short film that made the Oscar nominations list. Her contributions to entertainment are not without reward. For her stellar portrayal of Meena in Chasing Freedom, Layla Alizada was nominated for a Gemini Award and a victory at the Gracie Awards.

6. Filmography of Layla Alizada:

Layla Alizada has worked hand in hand with many other actors and actresses. Here you can see all the directors she has worked with: Holly Dale, Alexander Cary, Lexi Alexander, Tim Matheson, Bill Johnson. 


  • She acted in 2004 in Chasing Freedom as Meena
  • She acted in 2011 in Compromise as Shalini   
  • In 2015, she acted in Day One as Feda for the short film
  • In 2019, she acted The Cuban as Shireen   


  • In 1995 acted in Strange Luck as Carol for the Episode: “Hat Trick”
  • In 2004 acted in Da Vinci’s Inquest as Constable Gloria Walker for 5 episodes
  • In 2006 acted in Da Vinci’s City Hall as Susan Watts for the Episode: “Bumped from the Ball”
  • In 2006 she acted in Godiva’s as Rajni Haideri for 4 episodes
  • In 2006 she acted in The Evidence Officer Heiden    for the Episode: “Stringers”
  • In 2006 she acted in Eureka as Dr. Sharat for the Episode: “Alienated”
  • In 2014 she acted in Days of Our Lives as Kelly for 4 episodes
  • In 2015 she acted in Muppets as Betty for 5 episodes
  • She also acted in Rizzoli & Isles as an Accountant for the Episode: “Deadly Harvest”
  • Between 2015-2018 she acted in Jane the Virgin as Regina for 4 episodes
  • Between 2016-2017 she acted Shut Eye as Simza for 15 episodes
  • In 2017 she acted in Taken as Elena Morales for 4 episodes
  • In 2021 she acted in Shameless as a Detective for the Episode: “Cancelled”
  • In 2021 she acted in Lucifer as Odetta Watson for the Episode: “Is This Really How It’s Going To End?!”


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