Kim Tae-hyung: The Extremely Popular V From BTS


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Kim Tae-hyung is one of the most popular celebrities in South Korea today. Known as “V” among his fans, Kim Tae-hyung is the most popular member of BTS and is known to be a style icon.

Here Are Some Stylish Facts About Kim Tae-hyung

Kim Tae-Hyung was born into a farming family

Kim Tae-hyung was born at the end of December 1995 in Daegu. In addition to him, the family raised a younger brother and sister. Parents were farmers. Adults noted his son’s curiosity, and Kim Tae-hyung himself dreamed of a career as a professional singer, as a person he wanted to be like his father because he considered him a worthy person, and was proud of and admired his life priorities.

Kim Tae-hyung decided to pursue arts in elementary school

The thought of becoming an artist first occurred to the child when he was in elementary school. He never had stage fright and loved to dance. The boy was attracted to the humanities, especially literature. While in the last year of primary school, he wrote his first poem.

Kim Tae-hyung tried learning saxophone

Kim Tae-hyung’s passion for music also manifested itself in childhood. To do this, he signed up for saxophone lessons, but despite his musical gift, the lessons were difficult for him; nevertheless, the young man received a prize at one of the children’s competitions. However, Tae-hyung still decided to leave this instrument, but continued to be interested in creativity and was looking for a suitable direction in art.

Kim Tae-hyung was selected by Big Hit Entertainment

After a series of auditions, the teenager received an invitation to the recording production company Big Hit Entertainment, where he became a trainee.

“At first everything seemed incredible. I was hesitant because I didn’t know why they chose me. I was in a state where I half believed in what was happening and half didn’t,” the artist recalled his first days at Big Hit Entertainment.

Kim Tae-hyung trained for over 15 hours a day

Together with other students, he had to practice a lot in dancing, take acting lessons, study languages, and voice training. Classes for trainees lasted 15 hours a day, in addition to which there was also homework.

Not everyone could complete this marathon. Kim Tae-hyung spent about two years as a trainee before the world of show business opened its doors to him. Until the last day, he did not know whether he would be part of the group, which was formed in 2010–2011. Once during an interview, the artist was asked what he would do without BTS. V replied that he would become a farmer.

In 2014, Kim Tae-hyung graduated from the Korean School of Art and entered Seoul Cyber ​​University.

Kim Tae-hyung loves sunglasses

Kim Tae-hyung’s weaknesses are glasses. In South Korea, round frames are a popular model, and V also wears them. Sometimes he wears stylish aviators.

Kim Tae-hyung made his movie debut in 2016

In 2016, Kim Tae-hyung took part in the Korean drama “Hwarang: The Beginning.” He got the role of Han Sung. V was not the only musician on the set; in addition to him, SHINee group member Choi Min Ho and Park Hyung Sik, who built a musical career in the ZE group, were also involved in the series: A. Fans watched with interest Tae-hyung’s first film experience.

The aspiring actor himself admitted that he laughed and cried with the character and was happy that he had the chance to live his life. Through his efforts, he hoped that the audience felt the sincerity that he tried to show through the hero.

The drama “Hwarang: The Beginning” so far remains the only artistic project in the cinematic biography of Kim Tae-hyun. He also has the documentary “Light Up the Stage: Cinema” and the concert film “Love Yourself in Seoul”.

Kim Tae-hyung appeared with BTS in 2013

Kim Tae-hyung made his debut as a member of the group BTS in 2013. Two years later, Tae Hyun tried to write songs for the first album of the trilogy, The Most Beautiful Moment in Life. The singer became one of the creators of the track Hold Me Tight.

Kim Tae-hyung released his first solo song in 2019

In January 2019, Kim Tae-hyung released the song Scenery, which became a solo project outside of BTS. The composition premiered on SoundCloud. In just the first 24 hours, the song collected a record number of likes in the history of the online platform.

BTS tours planned for 2020 did not take place, but the group pleased fans with a collection called Map Of The Soul: 7 – The Journey, which included 13 tracks. However, the English-language single Dynamite, released later, was especially popular; it instantly became a hit. The video for the song received more than 100 million views on the first day of release alone.

In the fall and winter of 2021, as part of BTS, after a long break, Kim Tae-hyung gave a series of vibrant live concerts as part of the BTS: Permission To Dance On Stage – LA tour in Los Angeles. After this, all members of the team received a rare reward in their careers – a well-deserved vacation.

Kim Tae-hyung is single

The personal life of all members of the BTS group is under the constant attention of a multi-million army of fans. Every appearance of guys with girls immediately causes a wave of discussions and assumptions. It is known that the contracts of all BTS members contain a clause according to which they cannot have any love affairs to the detriment of creative activity. Therefore, officially Kim Tae-hyung does not have a girlfriend.

However, according to rumors, Kim Tae-hyung at one time dated a member of the girl group Red Velvet Irene. Later there was active talk that his girlfriend was Joy from the same group. In 2015, many photos of them together appeared on the Internet, which gave fans a reason to think about the mutual sympathy of the artists. Later, information appeared about a ban on V publicly showing his feelings.

Fans continued to come up with their versions of the romantic life of their idol. Fan fiction appeared in which Kim Tae-hyung had a relationship with his colleague Min Yoongi. This version was one of the most popular. However, writers attributed relationships to V with other members of the group. Kim Tae-hyung and Min Yoongi are connected by their hometown of Daegu, where they came to Seoul from.

Kim Tae-hyung is very fashionable

V is considered the main fashionista of the group. It is also called visual – the singer attaches importance to his appearance. He is always stylishly dressed and made up and often changes his hair color. Fans have lost count of how many times Kim Tae-hyung’s stage image has transformed. His hair was chocolate, ash, red, green, pink, and red.

In January 2019, at a concert in Japan, the group again surprised fans with new hairstyles. This time Kim Tae-hyung appeared on stage with blue hair. On Twitter and Instagram the official pages of the group, a discussion immediately began about the new image of the idol. V did not receive a single negative review, which cannot be said about his colleagues.


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