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Kevin Nash‘s wrestling career has proven to be one of the most influential in the history of the genre! He broke through in the WWF as Diesel or Big Sex, a partner in crime to the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels. When he jumped to WCW alongside Scott Hall, Kevin Nash upended the business as part of the NWO (New World Order is a group founded along with Scott Hall and Hulk Hogan where Nash acted as one of the leaders) Whether fans love him or love to hate him, Nash has always proven to be a legend that has gotten their attention and held it.

Kevin Nash: Diesel’s Bio, FAQs and Interesting Facts! 


Kevin Nash Net Worth 2021

Kevin Nash found success in the World Wrestling Federation, where he was originally billed as Diesel,  with the character given the nickname “Big Daddy Cool”.  

The wrestler made his WWF debut at a house show on June 6, 1993 by assisting Michaels in successfully battling Marty Jannetty for the WWF Intercontinental Championship. Kevin Nash spent the first half of 1993 teaming with Big Sky.  

As of 2021, Kevin Nash’s net worth is $8 million. The WWF wrestler earns most of his money from wrestling. Apart from wrestling he is also part of many TV shows and movies like The Punisher, Magic Mike, John Wick and Rock of Ages. 

Kevin Nash Personal Life

Kevin Nash
Kevin Nash

Kevin Nash wed his wife Tamara in 1988, they were together for 12 years before they separated in 2000, although they are now back together. Kevin has a son named Tristian who is a poet and a musician. 

Kevin Nash had come to his aspiring musician son’s aid many times but he went on to pin Tristen to the ground, but his son responded by scratching him in the face. 

In 2014 Nash was arrested for battery against his son, but after it came to light that Nash was only defending his wife all charges were removed. 

Kevin Nash Social Media

Kevin Nash
Kevin Nash

The wrestler is seen a lot on his Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. On Instagram, the wrestling legend has 320.7k followers and is following 335 accounts. He has made 372 posts so far. 

Kevin Nash Movies

Kevin Nash has appeared in many movies, video games and television series.  

A wrestling legend, who was a part of various promotions, Nash has also been a part of various movies.

Nash has been part of various movies like The Punisher, Magic Mike, John Wick and Rock of Ages. Unlike many other wrestlers, Nash has been a part of films of different genres and has never been afraid to be a part of any movie and dawn any role.

Kevin Nash Super Shredder

Nash played the role of the villainous Super Shredder in the 1991 movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze. This was the first film that Nash was a part of, and being a part of a big franchise as Ninja Turtles gave him widespread recognition.

Kevin Nash Earnings

Nash has earned most of his money as a wrestler and by being a part of various wrestling platforms. Till today Nash is part of the WWE Legends program and earns a fair amount of money from WWE. Kevin Nash Net Worth of $8 million is also thanks to him being a part of various movies. Kevin Nash made guest appearances in three different TV shows.  

For example, in 1991, Kevin Nash made his acting debut in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze as the genetically enhanced version of the villain, Shredder, called the Super Shredder.  Kevin Nash appeared in a fight scene as The Russian in the 2004 film The Punisher.  Kevin Nash was the first choice for the role of Sabretooth in X-Men, but the role ultimately went to his former tag team partner Tyler Mane. Kevin Nash had a very minor role as a jackhammer worker in the 1998 movie Family Plan.  

Nash yearly earns around $200,000 from the WWE.

His salary in the 2000s was reported to be $1,864,062 which amounts to around $6 million in 2019. He was one of the highest-paid wrestlers in the early 2000s.

Kevin Nash House

Kevin Nash has a house in Wilbour, Florida. He owns various cars including a Ford Bronco he bought in 1993.

People Also Ask:

Who is Kevin Nash married to?

Kevin Nash has been married to Tamara McMichael since 1988. The couple temporarily separated in 2000 but soon reunited.

What is Kevin Nash’s real name?

Kevin Nash’s real name is Kevin Scott Nash.

How tall is Kevin Nash the wrestler?

Kevin Nash is measured at 6 ft 10 in tall.

Are Diesel and Kevin Nash the same person?

Yes, Diesel and Kevin Nash and Big Sexy are all the same person. KN battled in WWE under the ring name ‘Diesel’ but used his real name while performing in WCW.

Why did Kevin Nash go to jail?

Kevin Nash was sent to jail twice.

He was arrested once for an alleged assault on a drunk man in 2011 and then again in December 2014 for battery on his son, Kristen. In both cases, charges were dropped against Nash soon as he was proven to act in self-defense and to defend his wife, Tamara.

Interesting Facts:

1. Fighting “Rowdy” Roddy Piper

Kevin Nash
Kevin Nash

Kevin Nash aka the longest-reigning WWF Champion of the 90s, upset a lot of the veterans in WCW when ripping the old school in a few promos. 

One example was when Roddy Piper took exception to some of Nash’s rude comments about Piper being a dinosaur during their overall feud.

The tension escalated with Piper and Nash getting into a physical confrontation behind the scenes. Sean Waltman concurred Nash’s story of him hitting Piper in the face with an open-handed strike and Piper not getting any offense in.

2. He booked a strange nitro episode to prove a point

Kevin Nash
Kevin Nash

WCW gave Kevin Nash full booking power when the company needed changes to improve their ratings. Nash had a few bold ideas that upset many wrestlers in the locker room. One concept on Nitro saw him wanting to prove the in-ring product didn’t matter.

Nash bagged an episode of Nitro with the opening 45 minutes featuring videos that had nothing to do with wrestling. 

The episodes went back-and-forth between pre-recorded videos and in-ring promos. Nitro’s ratings were the same compared to prior weeks despite minimal in-ring work.

3. He lost his hair in a match with Jericho due to a movie role

Kevin Nash
Kevin Nash

“Y2J” Chris Jericho and Kevin Nash entered a feud during the summer of 2003 for Nash’s final WWE run of the decade. Nash put his hair on the line in a match against Jericho on Raw ahead of their bigger SummerSlam match inside of the Elimination Chamber.

The shock of Nash losing his hair was made more obvious when it was revealed he had an upcoming movie role. Nash shaved his head for the ideal look needed in The Punisher film starring Thomas Jane and John Travolta.

4. He got Torrie Wilson hired

Kevin Nash wasn’t always correct with his wrestling predictions, but he did have an eye for talent. Torrie Wilson was a popular fitness model when Nash met her and suggested she should look into joining WCW as a character.

Nash introduced Wilson in a huge storyline as the person who convinced David Flair to betray his father Ric by joining the New World Order. Torrie became a huge star for WCW and later for WWE where she delivered a Hall of Fame career.

5. He buried Wrath for prior WWE bad blood

Kevin Nash
Kevin Nash

Bryan Clark had a poor WWE run as Adam Bomb before joining WCW with the Wrath character. WCW booked him a tad better as part of a team with Mortis (Chris Kanyon) and manager James Mitchell at their side.

Kevin Nash was a member of The Kliq, an influential backstage group that included Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Scott Hall and Sean Waltman.  

The eventual break up saw Wrath develop strong momentum with an impressive winning streak. Kevin Nash defeated Wrath on Nitro with relative ease to end the streak. Clark’s prior issues with the Kliq in WWE is why he believes Nash buried him in WCW.

6. He had the all-time worst drawing numbers in WWE:

Kevin Nash
Kevin Nash

Kevin Nash winning the WWE Championship as Diesel was the first major world title of his career. Vince McMahon wanted Diesel to pass Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels as the top star for the company given the track record of giants drawing money.

Nash in real life is friends with wrestler Shawn Michaels. It was as Michael’s bodyguard that Nash debuted in WWE. Nash has announced that after his death his brain will be donated to the CTE Center at Boston University. Kevin Nash is also mates  with Stone Cold Steve Austin and Diamond Dallas Page, both of whom he has known since their early careers in WCW.  

7. He demanded WCW Push DDP:

Diamond Dallas Page was one of the few homegrown breakout stars of WCW during the Monday Night Wars. Fans loved Page when he tricked the New World Order into thinking he joined before hitting them with the Diamond Cutter.

Kevin Nash and Scott Hall were the ones that demanded Eric Bischoff start giving DDP a bigger push. Bischoff’s friendship with Page outside of the ring saw him refusing to push him due to the fears of favoritism, but Nash saw the audience connecting with DDP.

8. He slapped Samoa Joe for insulting Scott Hall:

Kevin Nash
Kevin Nash

Scott Hall’s drug struggles led to him no-showing a TNA PPV main event where he was to partner up with Kevin Nash and Samoa Joe. The anger of Joe saw him ripping apart Hall in a promo before naming Eric Young as his replacement.

Nash revealed in future shoot interviews that he was livid at Joe mocking his best friend’s struggles and slapped him in the face backstage. The claim of Nash was that Joe did nothing in return and the two had a good conversation afterwards to get back on track.

9. Tensions with Bret Hart about finish:

Kevin Nash
Kevin Nash

The 6 ft 10 wrestler revealed one key moment in his decision to leave WWE for WCW in 1996. 

Bret Hart ended Diesel’s or Kevin Nash’s WWE Championship reign and the two had their big rematch inside of a steel cage on the PPV before WrestleMania XII.

Nash claimed Hart refused to take his powerbomb finish and sell it before The Undertaker interfered to force Diesel to lose the match. The refusal to listen to Nash’s ideas saw him wanting to head to WCW for a bigger contract and more respect.

10. He instigated the fight between Chris Jericho & Goldberg:

The infamous fight between Chris Jericho and Bill Goldberg is still referenced in stories today. However, one fascinating element of the fight is rarely discussed. Kevin Nash was the one talking to Goldberg backstage when Goldberg mocked Jericho’s match in front of others.

The subject came up when Nash started stirring the pot. Jericho was told by his friends that Goldberg was burying him to Nash. This inspired Jericho to confront Goldberg and have their big fight start despite Nash not being around for that.

11. Kevin Nash distracted Punk in a match, making him miss out on a championship match:

Kevin Nash entered the match as number 32 and was eliminated by Wade Barrett.  

12. Kevin Nash earned a measure of revenge on Young by defeating him in a steel cage match at Lockdown:

Kevin Nash turned on Young and assisted the Band to pick up the victory, which finally gave them contracts with the company.  

13. Kevin Nash took friendship in Starr, which seemed to be at the behest of Shelley: 

From a wheelchair, Kevin Nash was helpless as he watched Shelley lose the match to Sabin.  

Kevin Nash got penciled into a Number One Contendership match for the title against Sabin at Hard Justice.  

Kevin Nash defeated Sabin at Slammiversary in his second televised match in almost a year, albeit with the assistance of Shelley.  

14. Kevin Nash debuted in World Championship Wrestling as the orange-mohawked “Steel”, one half of the tag team known as the Master Blasters: 

Kevin Nash
Kevin Nash

Kevin Scott Nash popularly known as Kevin Nash is an American professional wrestler. He is a six-time World Champion and was a popular wrestler during the 1990s and early 2000s. Nash started his wrestling career in 1991 under the name Oz, but his most famous persona was that of Diesel. Kevin Nash is a 12 time tag-team champion in WWE, WCW , and TNA.

15. Kevin Nash is one of the three founding members of the New World Order, along with Hulk Hogan and Scott Hall:

Kevin Nash
Kevin Nash

Nash along with Scott Hall and Hulk Hogan founded the New World Order, Nash acted as a”second in command” alongside Hogan, Nash had many feuds with Hulk Hogan for the leadership of the group. The NWO (New World Order) split into two feuding groups and Nash, Hall and Sean Waltman called themselves the NWO Wolfpac. In 1999 however, the group came back together, after Nash willingly lost the title to Hogan as a gesture of goodwill.

16. TNA:

Kevin Nash has wrestled under several ring names, but is best known for his work under his real name in World Championship Wrestling and Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA).  

Kevin Nash went on to announce that he intended to destroy the X Division in order to reassert his position within TNA.  

In January 2011 Kevin Nash signed a new contract with TNA, but was granted a release before reappearing on television, after being contacted by WWE. He signed a 5-year WWE Legends contract specifically. 

Other Interesting Facts:

  • Kevin Nash competed in the 2014 Royal Rumble match as the 14th entrant, eliminating Jack Swagger before being eliminated by Roman Reigns.  
  • Kevin Nash initially appeared as the guest Match Commissioner for the night, a title given to him at the request of Dusty Rhodes.  
  • Kevin Nash went on to face Triple H at TLC: Tables, Ladders and Chairs in a ladder match with a sledgehammer hanging above the ring which he lost by pinfall after a sledgehammer shot to the face, ending the feud in the process.  
  • Kevin Nash has appeared on Raw, attacking Santino Marella with a Jackknife Powerbomb and cutting promos about how Triple H was more of a boss than a friend.  
  • Kevin Nash was signed to an on-screen contract the next week by John Laurinaitis and demanded a match against Punk.  
  • Kevin Nash warned the Angles about how dangerous Sting can be based on Nash’s experience feuding with Sting in WCW.  
  • Kevin Nash became a manager of sorts for Lethal, helping him adopt a gimmick where he impersonated “Macho Man” Randy Savage.  
  • Kevin Nash began continuing these skits along with Sonjay Dutt and Jay Lethal, in a segment called “Paparazzi Idol”
  • Kevin Nash made a partial return to the ring in December 2005, wrestling several matches on a tour of South Africa.  
  • At WrestleMania X8, Kevin Nash continually interfered in the match between Hall and Austin to the point where he was forced to return backstage.  Kevin Nash said to Vince McMahon that he did not want to leave the WWF, and that if McMahon was willing to match the offer, he would stay.  


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