Jungkook: The BTS Star


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Jungkook is a member of the popular Korean boy band BTS. Jungkook is well known for his great singing ability and fashion sense.

Here Are Some Interesting Tidbits About Jungkook

Jungkook was born into an athletic family

Jeon Jungkook was born in the South Korean city of Busan in the family of an athlete, and a professional bowler on September 1, 1997. Dreaming of following in his father’s footsteps, at a young age the boy became interested in badminton. Still, he soon abandoned this activity, realizing that in the future he was unlikely to achieve recognition in this field.

Jungkook’s mother helped develop his creativity

Thanks to his mother, who was interested in painting and spent a lot of time watching TV, Chon began to think about a profession related to art, and having become acquainted with the work of the popular rapper Kwon Ji Yong, who performed on stage under the name G-Dragon Has finally decided to become a singer.

Jungkook competed on Superstar K

Having received a minimal education in schools in Busan and Seoul, Jungkook followed the example of his idol and went to the talent show Superstar K. Even though the judges preferred another participant, the teenager received offers from several entertainment companies and eventually chose the Big agency Hit Entertainment, which promoted future BTS member Kim Nam Joon, known as RM.

Jungkook performed for 2AM

At the same time, Jungkook made his debut in the video of the leader of the teenage group 2 AM, Jo Kwon, and then for a short time performed in the corps de ballet of the disbanded group Glam and studied at the Seoul School of Performing Arts. The young man refused to continue his education at the university due to his busy schedule preparing for performances. However, later he, along with other members of the boy band BTS, entered the university for distance learning.

Jungkook joined BTS as its youngest member

Continuing his collaboration with Big Hit Entertainment, in 2013 Jeon Jungkook became the maknae – the youngest member of the South Korean idol group called BTS and participated in the recording of the debut single 2 Cool 4 Skool. Senior comrades, among whom were the leader of the group Ar Ema and singers China, Min Yoongi, and J-Hope, took patronage of the newcomer and helped in practicing vocals and stage behavior.Jimin and Kim Tae Hyun,

Jungkook performed solo in 2016

Later, the producer and comrades entrusted Jungkook to compose and perform a solo song in the 2016 album Wings. In the biographical pop song Begin, the young man spoke about the creation of the group and his desire to become rich and popular.

The next individual work was the track Euphoria, created for the short film Euphoria: Theme of Love Yourself Wonder, and then included in BTS’s third studio album, Love Yourself: Answer.

The composition, produced by Canadian DJ Swivel, turned out to be successful and remained on the Gaon digital chart for 13 weeks. In addition, she appeared on the Billboard charts, falling five positions short of being included in the Hot 100 Singles ranking of popular artists.

Jungkook worked on numerous projects outside of BTS

Along with the group’s concerts and creating songs for BTS albums, Jungkook continued to work on his projects, including participation in One Dream, One Korea, and recording a song dedicated to the victims of the Korean War. In addition, the young performer successfully released covers of tracks of foreign idols, most often using the work of Justin Bieber, David Guetta, and Tori Kelly.

Jungkook competed incognito

In 2016, the artist appeared in several dramas on YouTube, the pilot episode of the adventure reality show Flower Crew, and the fashion television project Celebrity Bromance. Sometime later, Jungkook, under the name Fencing Man, competed incognito with other musicians in the entertainment music program King of Mask Singer.

Continuing to work with BTS, Jungkook became the producer of several compositions from the BTS repertoire, and in 2018, the young singer was made the honorary director of the group’s concert show called Love Yourself: Answer.

Jungkook received a presidential award in Korea

In the fall of the same year, Jungkook and other members of BTS received a presidential award – the Order of Cultural Merit. Around the same time, Jungkook performed at the MBC Plus X Genie Music Awards and, together with American pop singer Charlie Puth, performed the latter’s hit We Don’t Talk Anymore.

Jungkook and BTS went on a hiatus in 2022

In the summer of 2022, it became known that BTS would temporarily stop their musical career, but the group did not break up. The reason for this decision was the frequent conflicts that arose between the project participants, as well as a crisis of inspiration that did not allow them to create bright hits. In the official address to the public, it was said that the artists would engage in solo work. This statement somewhat frightened Jungkook’s fans, since earlier in an interview the singer admitted that he could not imagine himself outside the group.

Jungkook’s personal life is the subject of a lot of speculation 

Appearing on stage, Jungkook instantly won the hearts of thousands of fans around the world. His creativity and personal life became the subject of heated debate among fans and became the subject of rumors based on photos and videos on social networks. For example, a video where the singer kisses Kim Tae-hyun, one of the members of the group BTS, gave rise to conversations about their gayness, and joint photos with CUBE Entertainment trainee Ko So-hyun convinced Internet users that the young beauty is Jungkook’s official girlfriend.

In general, every pretty person who appeared in the company of a pop singer was considered by jealous fans to be Jungkook’s girlfriend. There were similar conversations about Jungkook’s relationship with KimJennie and Lalisa Manoban from Blackpink, Park Saewon, who trained at Big Hit, and then Lovelyz lead singer Jung Yein came into the picture.

The singer himself says that it is too early for him to have a wife and children, and all the women he has been associated with, are nothing more than close friends and colleagues in show business. Nevertheless, the press continues to cultivate rumors about Jungkook’s love affairs.

Jungkook was involved in a car crash in Seoul

In November 2020, information appeared in the media that the artist was responsible for an accident in Seoul. The accident occurred because the celebrity’s Mercedes-Benz AMG GT 63 S crashed into a taxi. No people involved were seriously injured, but both drivers were taken to hospital with minor bruises. Tests showed the absence of alcohol in the men’s blood.

The singer made it clear that he had no problems with the financial side, judging by this car. This fact was confirmed by the information that Jungkook purchased a two-story house in the prestigious Itaewon district in Seoul in 2021. The cost of housing with an area of ​​230 sq. m amounted to $7 million.

Jungkook is a style icon

The youngest member of the Korean boy band attracts increased attention – fans are interested not only in the artist’s personal life but also in his appearance. The singer has been repeatedly recognized as a style icon, and in 2019, Cosmopolitan Indonesia chose Jungkook as a fashionable person for the Boy Crush column, in which 12 of the musician’s most striking outfits were posted and analyzed in detail.

Jungkook periodically changes his haircut and color, appearing either blond or brown-haired, each time delighting the audience. 

Jungkook received his facial scar during childhood

Fans know that their idol wears makeup for concerts and photo shoots, but even without it, Jungkook seems beautiful to fans. A scar on the face does not reduce the attractiveness of a celebrity, in the opinion of the public. In an interview, the musician admitted that he received it as a child when he got into a fight with his older brother over a computer.


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