John Legend: A Legend Of Music


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John Legend is a very popular American musician, singer, songwriter and composer. Over the course of his career, John Legend has released several successful songs and albums. 

Here Are Some Interesting Facts About John Legend

John Legend is from Ohio

John Legend (second from left) with his family in Springfield, Ohio

John Roger Stevens, known as John Legend, was born on December 28, 1978 in Springfield, Ohio, into a large family of Ronald Lamar Stevens and Phyllis Elaine Lloyd. His father worked at the International Harvester plant, his mother was a seamstress and dressmaker, and carried out orders at home. In addition to John, his parents raised two more of his brothers, Ronald and Vaughn Anthony, and his sister Phyllis.

John Legend was home-schooled for some time

During his first school years, John was home-schooled by his mother. At the age of four, the woman took her son to the church choir, where she sang herself. By the age of seven, the boy had mastered the technique of playing the piano.

John Legend received numerous scholarships for college

John Legend at his commencement ceremony at the University of Pennsylvania 

In 1990, John entered Springfield High School, after which he was offered scholarships by several universities. Stevens chose college at the University of Pennsylvania. During his student years, the young man was the leader of a musical group that performed a cappella. His vocal abilities were noticed and he was invited to record Joan Osborne’s One Of Us.

John Legend started as a session pianist

At university, Stevens met soul singer Lauryn Hill, who hired the talented young performer as a session pianist to record “Everything Is Everything” on her debut album, The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill. From that moment John’s musical biography began.

John Legend signed with Kanye West’s record label

John Legend and Kanye West

Stevens began performing solo concerts in New York, Boston, Atlanta and Washington, while working on creating music. He sent demos to record companies and was eventually introduced to rapper Kanye West, to whose label he signed a contract.

J. Ivy gave John Legend his “Legend” nickname

The famous American performer J. Ivy felt the legendary notes of old school in John’s compositions, so he suggested taking the pseudonym Legend (“legend”). In an interview, the musician said that at first, he didn’t like the new name, but then he got used to it.

John Legend’s debut album was released in 2004

In 2004, GOOD Music released the artist’s debut album, Get Lifted, which sold a huge number of copies in the United States. It reached number 7 on the Billboard 200 chart. The album received critical acclaim and won a Grammy for Best R&B Album. Legend received 2 more awards for best young performer and best R&B vocals.

In October 2006, after John had worked with many famous musicians, the artist’s 2nd studio disc, Once Again, was released. The album was again successful – it reached number 3 on the Billboard 200 chart, and the song Heaven won a Grammy in 2007.

On September 21, 2010, the album Wake Up! was released in America, the result of the joint work of John Legend and The Roots. For that, the musician received 3 Grammy awards in February 2011. The disc also received two NAACP Image Awards for Outstanding Album and Best Collaboration.

The album Love In The Future, co-produced with Kanye West and Dave Tozer, climbed high on the charts and was a commercial success; in 2014, the disc was nominated for a Grammy.

John Legend made his movie debut in 2008

In 2008, Legend made his debut as an actor. Slender, charismatic John attracted the attention of filmmakers. He played a small role in the film “The Bluesmen” directed by Malcolm D. Lee.

In 2011, John became the owner of the Get Lifted Film Company. The singer acted as an executive producer of a number of the company’s projects, in particular the series “Underground.”

The actor was invited to the cast of the musical La La Land (2016). In addition to Legend, Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone also played in the film.

John Legend has composed numerous soundtracks

John has a number of soundtracks to his credit: for the crime spaghetti western “Django Unchained” in collaboration with Rick Ross and Tupac Shakur and for the Disney film “Beauty and the Beast”, recorded in a duet with American actress and singer Ariana Grande.

Legend, in collaboration with rapper Common, composed and performed the song Glory, which was featured in the film Selma. The track was awarded an Oscar and was also recognized as the best composition at the Golden Globe ceremony.

The artist’s producing abilities were noted for the Emmy Awards.  John received the award for his work on the concert production of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s famous rock opera “Jesus Christ Superstar,” which premiered on May 8, 2018. Legend’s stage colleagues, who performed the lead role in the musical, included Sara Bareilles, Brandon Victor Dixon, Alice Cooper and others.

In 2021, Legend, along with his wife Chrissy Teigen, took part in the voice acting of the Sony Pictures Animation animated film “The Mitchells vs. the Machines.”

John Legend met Chrissy Teigen in 2007

In his youth, Legend met his future wife, model Chrissy Teigen. This happened during the filming of the video for the song Stereo in 2007. Six years later, the couple got married in Italy, on the shores of Lake Como, where the lovers’ romantic relationship began some time ago. Video footage from the wedding was included in the video for the song All Of Me, which the musician dedicated to his adored young wife.

The couple maintains a joint page on Instagram, where they lift the veil over their personal lives, posting photos of the most memorable moments.

John Legend has three children

John and his wife have three children. First, they had a daughter, Luna Simone (2016), and 2 years later, a son, Miles Theodore Stevens (2018). Both children were born using IVF. The couple does not hide the fact that they wanted to become parents before they got married, but due to some problems, Chrissy was unable to get pregnant.

Even after the birth of their second baby, the couple planned to expand their family. Every month, Teigen, she said, took a test in hopes of seeing a positive result. After some sad miscarriages, in the summer of 2022, Chrissy Teigen revealed that she was pregnant again. In January 2023, the celebrity gave birth to her third child, daughter Estie Maxine Stevens.

John Legend does a lot of charity

Legend is actively involved in charity work, not only giving concerts to benefit those in need or donating a portion of the proceeds from album sales. He personally participated in support events for hurricane victims, visited sick children in hospitals, etc.

The artist is concerned with topics such as insufficient funding for children’s healthcare, educational institutions, drug control, and so on. In 2009, John became one of the participants in the documentary project People Speak, where, along with other famous Americans, he spoke on pressing topics for the country: equality and justice, and the need for social change.

John Legend endorsed Barack Obama

Politics also fell into the composer’s sphere of interests: in 2008, during the election campaign of Barack Obama, John Legend participated in the recording of a video clip for the song Yes We Can in support of the future American president.


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