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After marrying well-known American stand-up comedians Joe Rogan, Jessica Ditzel became known as Jessica Rogan. Star couples are autonomous people with amazing personal histories, interesting interests, and other highly interesting things. She was known as Ms. Jessica Ditzel before joining to Joe Rogan clan. Although we know a great deal more about her parents, she was born near Sugar Land, Texas, in the United States. She seems to have already taken enormous care to keep both her privacy and the secrecy of any information about Jessica Rogan’s family. 

Here’s everything that you need to understand about Jessica Ditzel’s height, age, husband, kids, and family.


Jessica Ditzel worked as a gin and tonic server before turning 35 and signing a modeling contract with the firm M Model Management. She also works for the Korean business Wholesome. Ditzel worked as an accounting professional at Robert Half Technology as either an assistant manager for just a rental car firm in addition to modeling. In 2013, she worked for Volvo Motorsports as a merchandising consultant.

Account executive Jessica Rogan, who works at the business Robert Half Technology, was formerly a model. She declared that she would prefer to get to be a writer than endure the challenging life of a comic when asked whether she wanted to become a stand-up comedian, unlike her husband. For her husband’s endeavors, this mother of three currently spends the majority of her time behind the camera.

In 2022, Jessica will be 46 years old. Her birthday is July 18, 1975. In summing Jessica Ditzel is around 5 feet, 10 inches, or 178 centimetres, tall. She weighs 58 kilograms, which is equal to 127 pounds.

Jessica’s Family 

Jessica Ditzel’s father is musician Jeff Conrad Ditzel, a former member of the well-known Minneapolis band Ditch Pickles. Donna Ziemer Ditzel is the name of her mother. Trinity Ditzel is the name of her older sister. Information regarding Jessica’s older sister is unavailable. Joseph Rogan, the dad of Joe Rogan and Jessica’s in-laws, is a former Newark police officer. Rogan’s parents split when he was 5 years old, and even when he was 7, he has not spoken to his dad.

In Los Angeles, where she was employed as a cocktail server, Joe Rogan first saw Jessica Ditzel in 2001. They started dating rather soon after, and they were able to remain together for 8 years before they got married. Rogan and Ditzel wed in 2009 not long just after the birth of the child together 2008.

Shortly after his wedding, Rogan spoke about his need to be married during an interview mostly with Palm Beach Post. that he needed to knot the rope. Even though it wasn’t required, she presumably delivered delivery, thus… It sounds as though someone is saying, God, okay, I’ll sign this absurd legally binding contract. According to Rogan, what she accomplished required a lot more fervor and dedication.


Jessica has three kids, one of which, Kayja Rose, had been born on August 23, 1996, from her previous union with R&B musician Keven Dino Conner. Lola Rogan (14 yrs old) & Rosy Rogan are the other 2 daughters of Jessica Ditzel & Joe Rogan (12 yrs old). The couple and their children had resided in California before moving near Austin, Texas, wherein Rogan relocated his podcast studio mostly in the summer of 2020. Rogan doesn’t post anything at all about his kids online, but he does show some love to the household dog, Marshall Rogan. He has his own Instagram account as well as posting frequently on Joe’s.


Jessica Ditzel is presently employed at Robert Half Technology as either an account executive after formerly working as a model. Before officially getting a modeling contract with the agency M Model Management, she worked as a rum & coke waiter. Additionally, she worked with the Korean company Wholesome. Regarding the modeling job, Jessica Ditzel worked as a marketing executive in Robert Half Technology as well as an assistant manager at a rental car firm. She was a project manager for visual merchandising at Volvo Motorsports in 2013.

Net Worth

Joe Rogan’s wife, Jessica, previously worked as a model. She featured in advertisements for M Modeling Agency in 2010. She is a managerial assistant with Enterprise Rent-A-Car as well. Ditzel is an account executive at Robert Half Technology today, while Jessica was a product analyst for Volvo Motorsports previously.

Facts About Jessica Ditzel

  • It has been observed that Jessica Ditzel frequently gets mistaken for other famous people, such as Jessica Schimmel. 
  • The oldest daughter of Mrs. Ditzel, Kajya, debuted her debut album in 2017.
  • Jessica enjoys wearing cosmetics. 
  • Her spouse has a net worth of $100 million. 
  • Jessica Ditzel enjoys taking her family on trips to new places.


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