Jennifer Garner: The Electric Life And Career Of Elektra


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Jennifer Garner was one of the most popular actresses of the early 2000s. The combination of striking good looks and acting skills made Jennifer Garner extremely popular. In this post, we will find out more about Jennifer Garner. Let’s get started.

Jennifer Garner: All You Need To Know

Jennifer Garner is an American actress who caught the attention of moviegoers in the early 2000s. Since then, she has remained an established star in Hollywood.

When was Jennifer Garner born?

Jennifer Ann Garner was born on April 17, 1972 in Houston, Texas. The girl grew up in a middle-class family: her mother was an English teacher, and her father worked as a chemical engineer.

How was Jennifer Garner’s childhood?

Jennifer Garner and her two sisters, older Melissa and younger Suzanne, were brought up in strictness. Every Sunday, the Garners attended a service at the Methodist church, and all the children attended Bible school. Parents did not allow their daughters to wear bright clothes and jewelry. Even in their teens, the girls didn’t wear make-up or get their ears pierced.

But, despite such a conservative upbringing, Jennifer grew up as a creative person. Already at the age of 3, she began attending a ballet school, where she continued to study after moving to Charleston. In parallel, she also went swimming, played the saxophone, took vocal lessons and participated in the productions of the local theater troupe.

How did Jennifer Garner become an actress?

Jennifer Garner never became a great ballerina. However, the decision to become an actress was also not taken immediately. After leaving school, she entered the University of Denison, where she studied at the Faculty of Chemistry. But very soon the girl realized that she did not want to follow in her father’s footsteps. She felt much happier attending the university theater club, which led to the decision to transfer to the theater department.

The star received her diploma in 1994, after which she decided to improve her acting skills at Yale University. But in the summer, after visiting a friend in New York, the girl decided to stay there. At first, she learned by being an understudy for the main actress in the play “A Month in the Country” by the Roundabout Theater Company. Later, the first roles on television appeared. Till she could get her acting career up and running, Jennifer Garner worked as a waitress in New York.

Jennifer Garner: Acting Career

The screen debut of the performer took place in the mid-90s, when the premiere of the film “Zoya” took place. After an episodic appearance in the film, a chain of the same small roles followed. Only in 1996, Jennifer Garner managed to appear in five projects, but none of them made her a star.

A year later, Jennifer Garner moved to Los Angeles, where her career got off the ground. She landed her first lead role in the TV movie Rose Hill. Then, the aspiring actress appeared in the comedy “Dismantling Harry” by Woody Allen. Although most of the scenes with her participation were eventually cut, the collaboration with the famous director gave her some invaluable experience.

Jennifer Garner’s career turning point turned out to be an acquaintance with a young and talented director JJ Abrams, who entrusted her to play Hannah in the teen drama Felicity. The role was only for a few episodes, but the cinematographer remembered the artist and soon called to the site of his next project, which brought popularity.

True, by that time Garner was no longer an obscure aspiring performer. In the early 2000s, she managed to attract attention by starring in the comedy Dude, Where’s My Car? with Ashton Kutcher. Later, the military drama Pearl Harbor appeared in the filmography of the rising star. She co-starred alongside Ben Affleck, Josh Hartnett and Kate Beckinsale, playing the role of a young nurse, Sandra.

In September 2001, the premiere of the series “Alias” took place, in which JJ Abrams wrote the main role specifically for Jennifer Garner. After the premiere, even the famous Steven Spielberg paid attention to Garner, who even then, at the start of the project, predicted her the glory of a superstar. No wonder the director wished to see the actress in his Catch Me If You Can film.

The Alias lasted 6 seasons and brought the star a Golden Globe Award and an Emmy nomination. But more importantly, her portrayal of Sydney Bristow captivated the audience not only in her native United States, but throughout the world. Jennifer became the favourite of millions, and offers to act in films fell like a cornucopia.

In 2003, the artist appeared in the action movie Daredevil, which received a lukewarm reception from film critics, but won the recognition of the audience. And her fighting beauty Elektra intrigued the audience so much that a separate film was made about her. But it was not possible to repeat the success – the box office returns were low, and the reviews from critics were even less flattering.

Appearing in the comedy “From 13 to 30” turned out to be much more successful. Jennifer Garner was so talentedly reincarnated as a teenage girl trapped in the body of an adult woman that some experts called this role the best in her career. The artist’s heroine was described as “charming”, and she herself was described as “striking” and “bewitching”.

Jennifer Garner could have starred in the films Deserted City and Green Lantern, but this did not happen for various reasons. It is noteworthy that both projects ended up being a failure.

Why did Jennifer Garner’s career slow down?

After the end of The Alias, Garner’s track record began to replenish less frequently. The reason is not at all in the absence of proposals, but in the fact that the artist decided to focus on family life. But she plunged into it so much that one day the agent called with an ultimatum: “Either you go to the audition, or you retire.” The samples turned out to be for the film “Dallas Buyers Club “, with the release of which a new stage began in the celebrity’s creative biography.

How did Jennifer Garner relaunch her career?

Soon, Jennifer Garner began to delight the audience with appearances on the screen. But with age, she increasingly played caring mothers, because this image became closer to her real life than the role of a brave Alias. Already in 2016, she appeared in the film “Miracle from Heaven”, where she played the role of a woman whose daughter is seriously ill and is miraculously healed. Two years later, Garner appeared as the mother of a gay teenager in the drama Love, Simon.

Jennifer Garner: Filmography

  • 1995 – Zoya
  • 1996 – Dead Man’s Walk
  • 1996 – Fiery Harvest
  • 1996 – Rose Hill
  • 1997 – Deconstructing Harry
  • 1997 – Mr. Magoo
  • 1997 – Washington Square
  • 1997 – Girls and Boys
  • 2000 – Dude, Where’s My Car?
  • 2001 – Pearl Harbor
  • 2001-2006 – Alias
  • 2001 – Rennie Lands
  • 2002 – “Catch Me If You Can”
  • 2003 – Daredevil
  • 2004 – From 13 to 30
  • 2005 – Elektra
  • 2006 – Cat and Mouse
  • 2007 – Kingdom
  • 2007 – Juno
  • 2009 – Ghosts of former girlfriends
  • 2009 – The Invention of Lies
  • 2009 – Valentine’s Day
  • 2011 – Arthur. The Perfect Millionaire
  • 2011 – Like clockwork
  • 2012 – The Odd Life of Timothy Green
  • 2013 – Dallas Buyers Club
  • 2014 – Second Chance
  • 2014 – Draft Day
  • 2016 – Nine Lives
  • 2016 – Miracles from Heaven
  • 2016 – The raccoon is to blame for everything
  • 2017 – Tribes of Palos Verdes
  • 2017 – Incident of a monumental scale
  • 2018 – Love, Simon
  • 2018 – Crimson Mint
  • 2018 – Camping
  • 2021 – Yes Day
  • 2022 – The Adam Project

Jennifer Garner: Personal Life

The film set became the place where Jennifer Garner not only revealed her potential, but also found significant people for her. She met her first husband, actor Scott Foley, while working on the TV series Felicity. They got married in 2001, but soon decided to divorce.

The second husband, Ben Affleck, was Garner’s co-star on the set of the Pearl Harbor drama. At that time, she was married, and he was not free either, so there was no romance between them, but a friendship began. They later met on the set of Daredevil, where the actor actually saved Jennifer’s life when she nearly crashed into a brick wall while performing a stunt.

In 2005, the lovers got married in a private ceremony. It was held by Victor Garber – a close friend of the actress, whom she also met while on set. The actor played her father in the series “Alias”. Later, he became the godfather for the eldest daughter of Garner and Affleck, Violet, born within a year of marriage.

In subsequent years, the couple had two more children – Serafina and Samuel. From the outside, the family seemed exemplary, cozy everyday photos regularly appeared in the press, in which parents visited a farm store with their heirs or took them to school. Therefore, the news of the upcoming divorce became a bolt from the blue for fans. The actors announced the sad news the day after their 10th wedding anniversary.

Later, there were reports in the press that the reason was Ben’s betrayal with the nanny of their children. But in an interview, Jennifer defended her ex-husband as best she could. At the same time, she did not deny that her husband still had an affair, but by that time they had not lived together for 3 months. In response, Affleck never ceased to admire the strength and kindness of his ex-wife. It seemed that after the break they managed to maintain friendly relations.

But in 2021, Ben Affleck unexpectedly outraged fans with a story about drinking in marriage because he felt “trapped.” The actor had not previously denied that at the end of his family life with Garner he began to abuse alcohol, but then, on the contrary, he called it the cause of the breakup, and not a consequence of problems in the family. But, having opened up during the next conversation, Affleck said that he continued to live with Jennifer only because of the children, and this negatively affected the emotional state and led to alcoholism.

Some fans have speculated that Ben Affleck came to this conclusion by finding happiness with singer Jennifer Lopez. Jennifer Garner moved on with her personal life as well. The press wrote about alleged romances with Bradley Cooper and Chris Pine, but in 2018 the star appeared in public with John Miller. After 2 years, they announced their separation, but later decided to give the relationship another chance.

What is Jennifer Garner doing now?

Now Jennifer continues her career in cinema. In 2021, the premiere of the comedy Yes Day took place , in which the artist not only played the main role, but also acted as a producer. The plot is based on the book of the same name by writer Amy Krause Rosenthal. Garner read it when her youngest daughter was 3 years old, and even adopted the tradition of once a year having a day during which she supports all the ideas of children, even the craziest ones. This inspired the filming of the film.

In 2022, Jennifer Garner didn’t cease to delight fans with new projects. Among them is “The Adam Project”.


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