Jazzy Distefano: 7 Fun-Facts About Chris Distefano’s Girlfriend!


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Jazzy Distefano is the mother of comedian Chris Distefano’s 2 children. Together, they entertain the world through Chris Distefano’s multiple podcasts where Jazzy also known as Jasmine or Vinny throws in a few punchlines and statements that made the podcasts even funnier. One example was during the Hey Babe podcast (Chris Distefano’s YouTube show with Sal Vulcano from Impractical Jokers) where the two men were coming up with baby names and landed on the name Lent, to “give it up for Lent” if the kid ever turned into a performer. The giddiness of the two men was immediately put to a comedic end when Jazzy Distefano was called and said no to naming her child that. While she keeps being featured through Chris Distefano’s weekly podcasts and social media posts, let’s exclusively look at the life of Jazzy Distefano’s life and career through this article.

Jazzy Distefano: 7 Insider Details About Chris Distefano’s GF You Might Have Missed! 

1. Quick Facts.

Jazzy Distefano
Jazzy Distefano


  • Full Name: Jazzy Distefano aka Jasmine 
  • Date of Birth: April 17, 1984 
  • Birthplace: USA Age: 37 years old 
  • Gender: Female 
  • Nationality: American 
  • Religion: Christianity 
  • Boyfriend/Spouse: Chris Distefano (since 2014) 
  • Children: Tristan (DOB not available), Delilah Distefano (born in May 2015) and Violette Luna Distefano (born in June 2021) 
  • Parents: Edwin and Liz Canuelas 
  • Siblings: Jessica Canuelas 
  • Occupation: Zumba Instructor and Fitness Coach 

2. Jazzy Distefano and Chris Distefano are not married.

This has been confirmed through Chris Distefano’s podcasts where he has spoken about already having an eternal connection to the mother of his children and felt marriage wasn’t going to change anything now. 

3. Jazzy Distefano has three children. 

Before becoming the mother of Chris Distefano’s 2 daughters, Jazzy Distefano gave birth to a son named Tristan. The father of the child is unknown, but this blended family does an amazing job of being there for everyone. Recently, all of Chris Distefano’s podcasts have been about discussions about buying a new house in Staten Island to raise all the 3 kids in a bigger home. 

4. Jazzy Distefano is a zumba instructor. 

Jazzy Distefano was born on April 17, 1984, in her hometown of Brooklyn, New York (also where Chrissy D is from) into the family of Latin Americans from Puerto Rico namely Edwin Canuelas and Liz Canuelas. She has a sister and a brother. 

In terms of her career, Jazzy took up an uncommon job helping mothers go through postpartum depression which is very common in many mothers after childbirth. Many have remarkable success getting over it, while others have struggled and battled with it to no avail. 

This is the specialty of Jazzy Distefano, a Zumba and fitness instructor who trains women to get back in shape and overcome postpartum depression after childbirth. This is what she does for a living.  

Her fitness journey began when it played a great role in helping her through her postpartum depression (for example her first two pregnancies didn’t involve breastfeeding because the babies wouldn’t). The fitness enthusiast saw this as an opportunity to further help other mothers who struggled in the same shoes and so she got certified in spin, group fitness, and other wellness programs.

Jazzy Distefano then set out to create a unique program known as Jazzymethod, which is a blend of bodyweight training with music to provide movement and joyful relief. 

Her training is accessible on social media and you can as well access it on Patreon. 

Her dedication to helping pregnant mothers through postpartum depression is making her outstanding in her profession. 

5. Jazzy Distefano has 21.5k followers on Instagram.

The fitness trainer says in her bio: “Here for the Mamas Let me motivate you” and has garnered quite a large following as well.

6. Jazzy Distefano and Chris Distefano met in the funniest possible way. 

Chris Distefano frequently discusses the birth of his first child, calling his daughter an accident but a blessing at the same time because of how quickly everything happened for him. 

During a Hey Babe podcast, the comedian mentioned that the stars aligned in a weird way on the day he would go on to meet his future baby mama. When he said no to a bar/pub invite with one of his friends, the friend tried to convince him to come by saying: ‘One drink won’t change your life’. A few days later Jazzy Distefano would be pregnant and change the course of both of their lives. 

The comedian also made us laugh by telling us during a Tastebuds podcast (which he substituted instead for Sal Vulcano) that Jazzy Distefano couldn’t have been less interested in him and even made fun of his lack of comedic experience saying “I’ve never heard of you”. Chris Distefano kept buying her drinks and charmed his way over and it all turned out well as we have the funniest podcasts now that these two are a couple! 

7. Jazzy Distefano is extremely independent.


Through multiple podcasts, Chris Distefano has always been in awe of his wife figuring out things much faster than most people. Whether it comes to understanding a complex coffee machine in Sal Vulcano’s house or building a crib with her bare hands while being pregnant, Jazzy Distefano is always one to push forth. 


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