Is Gelbooru Any Good?


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In the world of hentai, Gelbooru is a safe image resource. It is a strong alternative to the other popular hentai image source website called Danbooru. This popular hentai and anime imageboard was registered in 2005. The popular website is not affiliated with any network and is independently run. Based on stats released in February 2019, it is the 1,043rd most visited website in the world. In the adult site category, it ranks 91st. It is also the 517th highest visited website in America. Worldwide, its Alexa ranking is 4,948, and in America, it’s ranked 2,489th. Let’s find out more about Gelbooru and should you use it.

Gelbooru: Things To Know

What kind of content does Gelbooru have?

Gelbooru has a staggering number of images on its servers. Over 12 million anime and hentai related images. Over 90% of it is adult content while the rest of it is fanart.

What is Gelbooru’s homepage like?

Gelbooru’s homepage resembles a search engine. Just type in what you want to see and hit search. The site displays thumbnails of all the images that match your criteria. There are options for you to narrow your search criteria with the help of the categories listed on the left side of the page. Clicking the + sign next to a category will display only results within that category, while clicking the – sign will exclude that category from your results.

Once you’ve got the pictures you like, you just click on the thumbnail and open the full image. This displays a full resolution version of the picture, with a description by the uploader and user comments displayed underneath. There’s no specific download link but you can right click on the images and save them. A slideshow feature would’ve been highly appreciated but it sadly lacks it.

Because these images are original creations by fans, resolution and format vary. That said, the quality is generally high, without any of the quick, silly doodles that pollute a lot of imageboards. Because this is an imageboard, you won’t find any live cams, videos, VR content, games or erotic stories. Gelbooru is all pictures, all the time.

This site is ad supported, but it doesn’t look bad at all. Ads display only on search result pages, not on the homepage or individual image pages. There’s a banner ad at the top and the bottom of the page, and a larger block of ads at the very bottom. The ads are mostly for other hentai sites, without any weird, disgusting or distracting pictures.

The mobile site is basically a slimmed down version of the desktop site. The category filters on the left side of the page are removed in the mobile version, but can be accessed via a dropdown menu at the top of the page.

What are the different categories on Gelbooru?

Gelbooru has more than 500,000 tags. While a lot of these tags will only have a couple of images associated with them, but even if there are just 100,000 legitimate tags, it’s incredible.  If you’re curious what’s available, you can click the tags link at the top of the page to access a complete list, and search for terms you like. This is entertaining, but isn’t really more useful than running a regular search. The site has a large volume of porn and no matter what you like, you will find something you like. No matter what is your sexual orientation, gender or fetish, there’s something for you on Gelbooru.

What is Gelbooru’s rating system like?

All Gelbooru posts are rated in three different ways: Safe, Questionable and Explicit. Questionable is assigned by default, especially when the uploader doesn’t choose one. However, there will be times when explicit images are accidentally marked safe. Rating filters on Gelbooru are not completely trustworthy and you can come across explicit images marked as “Safe”. The best thing to do in such a situation is to fix the rating so that other users don’t face that problem. Here are the details of the different ratings:


Any image on Gelbooru where the vagina or penis are exposed and easily visible is considered explicit. This also includes graphic depictions of sexual intercourse, masturbation or any kind of penetration.


Safe images are the ones which aren’t really all that racy. Pictures of exposed female nipples or pubic hair, cameltoe, or any sort of sexually suggestive pose are not safe and belong in questionable. Usually it’s the images featurings swimsuits and lingerie which fall under this category.


This is the default criteria and it covers all the images which don’t fall in the safe or explicit category. This is the middle ground and it features unrated posts as well. Questionable posts can be like a wild card and you can just about expect any kind of image under questionable.

Is there any celebrity stuff on Gelbooru?

Aside from pornographic celebrity fan art, there are no real life celebs on Gelbooru. But why would you search for hentai if you want real people. You would be more interested in watching how Erika from Pokemon looks like without her clothes on. Rest assured, all of your favourite characters are there, and all are nude.

Is Gelbooru associated with a network? is an independent site that isn’t affiliated with any network. They do, however, link to, which is an affiliated site that focuses strictly on artwork done in anime style. Gelbooru also has links to, a video site. However, the relationship between both sites is unclear. Interestingly enough, is copyrighted by “who cares”.

How much does it cost to use Gelbooru?

Gelbooru is 100% free to use. Anyone can visit, view and download images. That said, there are a few perks to signing up for a free membership.

Members have the option save images to a favorites list for easy access. Members also have the option to save their entire search. In case you have a favourite complex keyword and category combination, you can skip all the clicking and just run the saved search. Members can also list tags so that they don’t appear in results. Gelbooru also has a Patreon page and patrons enjoy additional perks like beta access to site updates and an ad-free experience.

Should you use Gelbooru?

Gelbooru is a high quality imageboard that’s fantastically easy to search. It contains more than 12 million images (ever growing number) which can cater to everyone’s needs and desires. Gelbooru is a high quality site and if you love hentai, you should definitely use it.

What are some Hentai sites that are similar to Gelbooru?

Here are some of the sites where you can find content similar to Gelbooru:

  • Nhentai
  • Hentai Haven
  • E-Hentai
  • Hentai Foundry
  • Hanime


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