Goliath Season 5: When Are We Going To See It?


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Goliath rose to prominence as one of the most watched shows on Amazon Prime Video since its debut in 2016. After four successful seasons, fans have been hungry for Goliath season 5. In this post, we will find out about Goliath season 5 and take a closer look at the series in general. Let’s get started.

Goliath Season 5: All You Need To Know

What is Goliath?

Goliath is a courtroom drama that features Billy Bob Thornton as Billy McBride, the protagonist of the show. Goliath chronicles the journey of Mcbride as a lawyer. It shows him as a struggling and a successful lawyer as well.

Who are the showrunners of Goliath?

Goliath is a popular show which has built a huge fan base since its launch in 2016. The show is created and produced by David E. Kelley and Jonathan Shapiro.

What is the expected plot of Goliath season 5?

Based on the four seasons released so far, we can expect Goliath season 5 to have a similar plotline to season 4. Goliath has done a great job of showing the positive parts of the American legal system while highlighting the rampant corruption.

When is Goliath season 5 coming out?

After the eight episodes of Goliath season 4 were launched, fans of the show were extremely impressed. It was a sheer delight for both new and old fans. The fourth season’s premiere date was announced as soon as Goliath season 3 ended. However, season 4 took longer to produce because of COVID issues. Sadly, the fourth season ended up being the last season of Goliath and it was cancelled for good.

Why was Goliath season 5 cancelled?

There is no proper information about why Goliath season 5 was cancelled. Even Billy Bob Thornton has only divulged the information that his contract was only for four seasons and there was no plan to run Goliath past four seasons.

Thornton also said that he assumed that as Goliath season 5 was going to be extremely difficult to complete, so season 4 seemed to be the right time to end the series. Moreover, the series finale concluded the story in a satisfying manner and resolved all the plot threads which made fans very happy. The greatness of the series finale has further cemented the fact that Goliath season 5 will never happen.

What is Goliath about?

“What a horrible bunch of people.” That’s what comes to mind when you’ve seen Goliath, the Amazon Prime series starring Billy Bob Thornton.

Bad people and lawyers on top

Goliath tells the story of William Hamilton “Billy” McBride, once a prominent lawyer and partner in a large law firm, who now crawls through the Santa Monica courthouse looking for crumbs to litigate. An alcoholic, a smoker, and with sleep apnea, McBride is more concerned with having a drink than knowing the names of his clients. It won’t be until a small-time lawyer offers him the chance to take on the biggest client of his former firm, a gun manufacturer, that McBride will see a chance to return to who he was, though it may be too late. His old law firm and the arms company make up the Goliath which gives the series its title. Obviously, Billy is the David facing them but, unlike in the Bible, the wave will not only hit the giant but will bounce off everyone around him,

Billy McBride

If you repeat “Billy McBride” aloud, you will see that the sound of the name is very similar to that of the mischievous lawyer who ended up marrying Harrison Ford. It is no coincidence since the creator of Goliath and Ally McBeal is the same: David E. Kelley, helped by Jonathan Shapiro, both experts in creating a series of lawyers and even doctors who act as lawyers (the ignored and unsuccessful  Monday Mornings ). 

However, the difference between one series and another is abysmal. If in Ally McBeal there were good vibes, fun, humor and musical numbers, in Goliath we see the worst of humanity, the lowest a human being can fall. Billy McBride cheats, lies, humiliates, destroys lives, and will stop at nothing to exact revenge on his former law firm no matter how much he justifies himself, repeating over and over again that his cause is just (which it is, no one can take that away from him). The only features of humor are given by the cynicism and sarcasm that the protagonist exudes. Billy McBride is a Billy Bob Thorton in a state of grace, building a character that should go down in television history on its own merits. He won the Golden Globe for best actor (television series – drama) in this year’s edition, unseating a favorite Rami Malek (Mr. Robot).

McBride vs. Copperman

The protagonist of Goliath is a terrible person but his fictional nemesis is even worse. We are talking about the other part of McBride’s former law firm, Donald Cooperman, a villain played by a terrifying William Hurt. Donald Cooperman is evil in its purest form, a true depraved to whom everything is brought to the fore in order to put an end to Billy McBride, a deformed character both inside and out, with half his body marked by burns, who lives in semi-darkness in an office that more resembles the lair of a James Bond villain. Said like that, it may sound cartoonish, but the appearances of William Hurt are truly terrifying, especially since one knows that such types really exist.

Should you watch Goliath?

Without a doubt, Goliath is a great series. A series that hooks you from the magnificent opening credits, with Billy Bob Thorton rising from the bottom to the surface, with the music of The Silent Comedy in the background. With human and adult characters, sharp dialogues, a plot close to a thriller and the give and take between lawyers (which are always entertaining), it’s definitely a lot of fun. Goliath is a must-watch series. It should be a crime for the public to waste time with undead slobs or scummy superheroes and not spend 8 hours of their lives watching Goliath. 


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