Dua Lipa: The Modern Day Queen Of Pop


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Dua Lipa is a pop superstar who has risen up the charts rapidly in recent years. Dua Lipa was born and raised in the UK, but her parents, who fled the country during the Balkan Wars, are from Kosovo. In this post, we will look at Dua Lipa and her ascension into pop superstardom. Let’s get started.

Dua Lipa: Top Of The Pops

Who is Dua Lipa?

Dua Lipa has made a name for herself with the awards she has received consecutively in the music world. Lipa, who has recently attracted the attention of fashion houses, is the most talked about young star.

In 2023, it was announced that her total wealth was 100 million dollars. She appeared on the big screen in her role as the mermaid Barbie in the movie Barbie, which had a great impact all over the world. She walked on the red carpet with her boyfriend, French director Romain Gavras, at the Cannes Films Festival. The capsule collection she prepared with Versace for this summer became one of the most talked about collaborations in the fashion world. She was one of the hosts of this year’s MET Gala. The 10 million dollar jewelry she wore was also on the newspaper pages for days. The fabulous jewel was from Karl Lagerfeld’s 1995 collection. Dua Lipa, who is not yet 30 years old, knows how to make people talk about herself with every step she takes and everything she does.

When was Dua Lipa born?

Dua Lipa was born on August 22, 1995, in Westminster, England. Her parents are ethnic Albanians from Kosovo who migrated to the UK to escape the Balkan war. 

Dua Lipa is the daughter of a Muslim family of Albanian and Bosnian origin. During the Bosnian War, his parents left their lands and settled in England. Lipa was born during their third year in England after this forced migration. She stayed in England with her family until she was 11 years old. As soon as the war ended and Kosovo declared its independence, she returned to her own country, Kosovo. 

Dua Lipa’s mother is a lawyer. Her father is a dentist. However, in his youth, he was the lead singer of a rock band that was very famous in his own country in the pre-war period. His father’s side is full of very famous historians and academics. Dua Lipa has a sister named Rina, who currently models for brands such as Paco Rabanne, and a brother named Gjin, who was born in 2005 but already has 200 thousand followers on Instagram.

After staying in Kosovo for a while, Dua Lipa moved back to London to build her career. Here’s what she said on the matter: “I was 11 and living in Kosovo. I knew I wanted to perform but didn’t feel like I could do it there. So I moved back to London on my own at 15, carried on going to school, and started posting cover songs online. I had no idea how I was going to become a performer, but I felt like I had so many more opportunities being in London.”

What does Dua Lipa mean?

Dua is an Albanian name that means “I love”. Lipa is her family surname. 

How has Dua Lipa’s career progressed?

Dazed magazine said of Dua Lipa, “Pop is a science. Dua Lipa is one of the new generation names who understand the mathematics of this science best. After a few bad entry attempts, she hit the music world like a bombshell with her song New Rules in 2017. The following year, she released a track “One Kiss” with Calvin Harris and it went on to become a big hit. 

Her album Future Nostalgia, which she released in 2020, made the whole world know her. We can definitely say that Dua Lipa is the new princess of pop music. Her world tour in 2022 enabled her to establish a personal bond with all her listeners. 

Dua Lipa is known to wear pieces from many famous fashion houses. She has been spotted countless times with Saint Laurent and Chanel.

What are Dua Lipa’s other talents?

Lipa, who says that she has never had much talent for painting, says that while working on the collection with Versace, she got tired the most during the drawings. Fortunately, Donatella Versace was always by her side and corrected her terrible drawings. “I was that little kid who danced and sang at every opportunity. It’s always been like this for as long as I can remember,” said Dua Lipa, who is truly a sexy, assertive pop princess. But on the other hand, she has aspects that will inspire her own generation and the generations after. For example, the posts she frequently shares while reading books are quite inspiring for the generations born in the heart of social media. “For as long as I can remember, I have always had a book with me. I am a bookworm wherever I go. Reading is one of the things I enjoy most in life that inspires me… I also share the books I love and the books I plan to read on my account called sevice95 Book Club. “We chat about books with our followers,” she said.

Dua Lipa: Best Quotes

The first album I was given when I was quite young was the ‘Whoa, Nelly!’ album by Nelly Furtado. After, I also got the ‘Missundaztood’ album by Pink. That’s when I was like, ‘Oh my God, I want to be just like them!’

I’m learning to accept myself. I’m still in the process of learning to love who I am. And it’s been really refreshing and really nice to be able to do that and be okay. I think my fans have brought that out in me.

I started posting covers online and having this crazy determination about what I wanted to do and just went for it. I was like, ‘Okay, no one else can create my future for me, and no one can get what I want for me, so I have to go out and get it myself.

I like how powerful fashion makes me feel. I live for that grungy-prissy juxtaposition that Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, and Drew Barrymore wore in the ’90s.

How has Dua Lipa’s family helped her career?

Dua Lipa, who started organizing a music festival in Kosovo with her father in 2018, donated all of the income from her ticket sales to various charity organizations. Dua Lipa, who is with her family on every tour, said, “I am where I am today, thanks to them, their trust in me and the work ethic they taught me. My father always told me, ‘You have to work hard first. Then maybe, if luck is on your side, things can go as you dream.’ “I really always worked hard as they taught me. I am the daughter of parents who love each other very much. While I was growing up, I was exposed to different cultures, and I witnessed his success in adapting to situations. I saw them working hard every day. “This set an example for me,” Dua Lipa said.

Dua Lipa said that her mother’s first boyfriend was her father, Dua Lipa said, “Imagine, she married her first love. They are very good friends. They have fun together. They enjoy life. Throughout my childhood and youth, I received compliments about how beautiful my mother is and how handsome my father is. They attract attention wherever they go. They are always admired. That’s why we had the chance to grow up in a hard-working, loving, and self-confident family,” Dua Lipa concluded.


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