Diane Keaton: A Hollywood Star And Style Icon


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Diane Keaton is a popular American actress who has been in the public eye for almost five decades. Over her career, Diane Keaton has appeared in numerous classic movies such as The Godfather and Annie Hall.

Here Are Some Interesting Facts About Diane Keaton

Diane Keaton’s real name was Diane Hall

Born January 5, 1946, in Los Angeles. Her real paternal surname is Hall, and Keaton is her mother’s surname before marriage, which she took as a pseudonym so that she would not be confused with actress Diane Hall, who was already listed in the US Actors Guild at that time.

Diane Keaton’s father was a civil engineer

Diane was raised in the family of civil engineer Jack Hall and housewife Randy Hall. She was the first-born in the family, and she also has two sisters and a brother. In her youth, her mother received the honorary title “Best Housewife of Los Angeles” at the popular Miss Los Angeles competition. This made an impression on little Diane, and it was after this event that she began to dream of an acting career.

Diane Keaton was a theatre buff in school

At school, the girl participated in all theatrical productions and musical performances. Keaton played leading and supporting roles in plays, and festive events and sang at school parties.

After school, Diane entered theatre college to study the theory of acting, but after studying for a short time, she left school for the sake of practical knowledge. A difficult period of life began for Keaton once she moved to New York. There she had to get by with temporary jobs in clubs, while simultaneously studying at a theater school in Manhattan.

Diane Keaton starred on Broadway in 1968

1968 can be considered the start of Keaton’s career; she received a role in the Broadway popular rock opera Hair. After the successful premiere of the opera, the actress successfully passed the casting for the production of the play “Play It Again, Sam!”, which was directed by Woody Allen.

Diane got the role of the girl Linda Christie, for which she was awarded the first Tony Award in her career that same year. After this work, a successful creative relationship arose between the actress and the director.

Diane Keaton starred in The Godfather

Diane Keaton with Al Pacino in a scene from The Godfather

The year 1970 was marked in Diane’s creative life with her debut on the silver screen in the film “Lovers and Other Strangers.” Then there were minor roles in television series, but then luck smiled on her: Keaton invited Frances Ford Coppola to film in the film “The Godfather,” where Al Pacino acted as the performer’s companion on the set. After the premiere, the film collected all kinds of awards from the world of the film industry, including an Oscar.

Diane Keaton starred in Annie Hall

Diane Keaton and Woody Allen on the set of Annie Hall

In 1978, Keaton brilliantly played the lead role in the film Annie Hall, for which she was awarded a Golden Globe film award, as well as an Oscar. For the project, the artist used items from her wardrobe and also looked in second-hand stores for clothes in the style of Marlene Dietrich and Katharine Hepburn. The successful creative duo existed until the mid-90s and presented 8 projects to world cinema.

In Warren Beatty’s film “Reds”, based on the novel “Ten Days That Shook the World” by John Reed, the actress played the role of Louise Bryant, the lover of the novel’s protagonist. For her work, Diane was once again nominated for an Oscar in 1982.

Diane Keaton worked as a screenwriter-director

Having gained experience, Keaton decided to try her hand at screenwriting, as well as directing – her non-fiction film “Paradise” was published. In subsequent years, as a director, she shot the film “Wild Flower” with actress Patricia Arquette. In addition, Diane added to her acting filmography with several episodes from the television series Twin Peaks and China Beach.

Together with Katie Holmes, Diane starred in the comedy Easy Money, a remake of the British television film. The plot of this project was based on a real event – a major theft of money from a bank by three women.

Diane Keaton has had numerous relationships

Diane Keaton had many affairs. Even on the set of “The Godfather,” serious passion flared up between her and Al Pacino. The actors’ relationship lasted 2 years, but it never resulted in anything serious. She also had a relationship with Woody Allen, but he did not become her official husband.

As a result, not a single romantic relationship brought Keaton to the altar. According to the actress, men found her to be a good listener, but they quickly got tired of it. In addition, Keaton admitted that she is very demanding.

Diane Keaton has adopted children

Nevertheless, the actress did not regret how her personal life turned out. But Keaton never regretted not being married. Her life is already full. She has a family – these are her children: an adopted daughter named Dexter, who was adopted in 1996, and an adopted son Duke, who became a member of the Keaton family in 2001.

Diane Keaton is a skilled photographer

Diane Keaton with a camera at an awards show

In addition to cinematography, Diane is interested in photography and has already published several photographic works. Diane is also a well-known opponent of plastic surgery; she often speaks out in interviews against artificial beauty both at a young and mature age.

The actress is aging with dignity and looks great. The rules that she adheres to from an early age help her in this. These include wearing sunscreen, eating a vegetarian diet, and brisk walking on an exercise bike.

Diane Keaton restores old buildings

Another hobby of Diane’s is participating in restoration campaigns to restore and preserve ancient buildings.

The star also buys houses that require repairs, restores and remodels them, and then resells them at a favorable price. Her clients included singer Madonna, who purchased a mansion in Beverly Hills in 2003, paying $6.5 million for it.

Diane Keaton is a cancer survivor

In 2011, the actress was diagnosed with skin cancer. The doctors gave her no choice, telling her that the cancer cells needed to be removed from her face immediately. Keaton had a section of skin removed from her cheek, which left her with a scar. For her, it became an eternal reminder that no victory comes too easily for a person.

She admits that when she was young, she never even thought about wearing sunscreen. At age 21, she had to have a basal cell carcinoma removed. However, the disease soon became part of her family’s history. Her aunt was diagnosed with skin cancer, but she sought help too late, and her nose was almost completely removed. Afterward, both the actress’s father and brother were diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma.


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