Cindy Deangelis Grossman: 7 Flabbergasting Facts On Herschel Walker Ex-Wife! 


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Cindy Deangelis Grossman is a businesswoman and ex-wife of a retired football player, mixed martial arts fighter, bobsled, and sprinter Herschel Walker. The former couple has a son named Christian Walker, a social media star, who is gay, a Trump supporter, a free-speech radical, and a former competitive cheerleader. Wow! But is the kid more famous than his dad who married his mom Cindy in 1983? Let’s find out all the things to know about this family by learning more about Cindy Deangelis Grossman’s life. 

Cindy Deangelis Grossman: 7 Things You Need To Read If You Love Herschel Walker Trivia!

1. She got divorced after almost two decades of marriage: 

In 2002, Cindy Deangelis Grossman’s reason for divorce with then-husband Herschel was because the American celebrity accused the former Dallas Cowboys player of abuse. Cindy claimed that she pointed a gun at him at one point.

So, after 19 years together as husband and wife, Grossman divorced her husband, retired NFL star Herschel Walker, in 2002. During the divorce proceedings, Walker admitted to those allegations, it was due to dissociative identity disorder; he was officially diagnosed in 2001 with Dissociative Identity Disorder. In 2008, he wrote about struggling with DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) in his 2008 book Breaking Free: My Life with Dissociative Identity Disorder.

After their divorce, Cindy was reportedly in a relationship with her then-boyfriend, but no further updates on her dating history or the identity of the lover ever surfaced.

2. Cindy DeAngelis Grossman’s gay child:

While Cindy and NFL star Herschel Walker were together, the duo became parents to their only child, son Christian Walker, born September 30, 1999. 

Beyond everyone’s expectations, Christian followed in his dad’s footsteps and turned to sport. However, he chose cheerleading over football. Indeed, with everyone thinking that cheerleading is for girls, a lot of criticism has been leveled at Cindy’s family. But still, they let their son try his luck, and later he had a successful career as a cheerleader. Additionally, he also appeared in the Spirit of Texas Royalty 2016. During this event, Christian won first place in the All-Star World Cheerleading Championship. Christian, who was a competitive cheerleader and among the world champion Spirit of Texas Royalty at the World Cheerleading Championship during USASF in 2016. In 2018, Christian won with the Cheetahs Cheer Athletics and was also a track athlete in high school. Christian went to Southern Methodist University located in Dallas, Texas, but transferred to UCLA. Cindy DeAngelis Grossman’s gay child is also an actor living in Los Angeles, California. 

Walker, openly gay, is an American Internet personality and activist; he describes himself as a free speech radical. Apart from that, Christian is also known for his comments on politics on social media. Additionally, he is an industrious member of the Log Cabin Republicans, who participated in West Hollywood, an LGBTQ+ friendly club.

While leading the march for the event, he also made the following comments saying that Trump is the only president to have taken office as a pro-gay person. Since then conservative figure has been outspoken about his support for Donald Trump through his social media platforms. Reportedly, Christian was temporarily suspended from his TikTok account in February 2021. 

3. Cindy DeAngelis Grossman childhood:

Born on January 6, 1962, the Florida native is American by nationality and comes from Caucasian ethnicity. As for her education, young Cindy completed her high school education at the local high school in Cocoa Beach. Then she went to the University of Georgia, from where she got her business degree. During her high school years, Deangelis ran a runway commercial as a member of the cheerleading squad.

The daughter of a retired real estate agent named Thomas De Angelis, Cindy DeAngelis Grossman grew up with her father’s former businesses in Cacao beach. As for her mother, Cindy never opened up much about her.

On the other hand, her husband Herschel Walker’s childhood is more open to the public. Walker was born on March 3, 1962 in Augusta, Georgia to parents Willis Walker and Cristina Walker and grew up in Wrightsville, Georgia. Walker, one of seven children, struggled with a stutter and was overweight as a child. “I was a fat little kid with a speech impediment… They beat me, they didn’t just tease me,” Walker told Woodruff. He attended Johnson County High School in Wrightsville, where he played football, basketball, and competed in track and field.

He then played for the Johnson County Trojans high school football team from 1976 to 1979. After graduating from high school as valedictorian, Herschel played running back for the University of Georgia. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Studies from the University of Georgia.

4. Cindy DeAngelis Grossman’s age:

As of 2022, the University of Georgia graduate is 60 years old.

5. How did Cindy and Herschel meet?

Walker and Grossman met in the early 1980s at the University of Georgia and struck up a relationship soon after. 

During that time, the future NFL star competed as a sprinter in college and was a two-time All-American selection. In 1981, he was a member of the SEC champion 4 × 100 m relay team. As we now know, Cindy and Herschel both leaned on each other in their early days. Not to mention that the two first met while still in high school. Likewise, both were treated for their track injuries in a training room. At that time, Herschel’s sister was also on Cindy’s team, and she was the one who introduced them. Amazingly, the two felt an instant attraction to each other and developed romantic feelings. Soon they became a couple and everyone knew them. After a few years of dating, Herschel popped the question, which Cindy enthusiastically accepted.

Reportedly, the couple exchanged vows in a private wedding ceremony on March 31, 1983. The same year of her marriage, her husband Herschel saw him sign up for the United States Soccer League team called the New Jersey Generals.

6. Cindy DeAngelis Grossman’s Net Worth:

Aside from being an entrepreneur, not much is known about Grossman’s career. She has always preferred a private life and, since she divorced Herschel Walker in the early 2000’s, Cindy has become completely discreet. As of 2024, Cindy DeAngelis Grossman has an estimated net worth of $10 million according to certain online sources. 

Although some sources claim that she did get a large sum as a result of a divorce settlement with Walker, no official report on alimony has been released. 

Speaking of Herschel Walker, the ex-husband of Cindy DeAngelis Grossman has a net worth of $12 million, mostly thanks to his lucrative salary and contracts from a decade-long NFL career. Let’s look at how Herschel Walker made his wealth: 

Coveted draft:

The American football player used to play college football for the University of Georgia and earned consensus All-American honors three times by winning the 1982 Heisman Trophy. Walker was the most coveted high school football player in the nation before agreeing to attend Georgia and is the only college footballer to finish in the top three in Heisman voting. The three-time All American’s professional career began with the USFL New Jersey Generals before being signed by the Dallas Cowboys in 1986.

For the University of Georgia, Walker was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 1999. 

The American Football League regulations allowed athletes to turn pro after their junior sessions other than waiting for their college class to graduate after one year. Additionally, the rules allowed him to choose where to play, allowing him to maximize his endorsement income. He said he didn’t know if he would want to play in the NFL unless it was for the two New York teams or the Dallas Cowboys. Walker played for the Cowboys, Minnesota Vikings, Philadelphia Eagles, and later retired after a second rush with the Cowboys in 1997. He finished his career with 61 rushing touchdowns, 8,225 rushing yards, 5,859 receiving yards and 21 receiving touchdowns.

Fame and publicity:

He is consistently called the greatest running back in college football history. Walker was also famous for his unorthodox diet and workout methods. Walker confirms that he sleeps five hours and eats one meal a day. Walker also claims that her diet mainly consists of soup, bread and salads. He has a daily routine of 700 to 1000 push-ups and 2,500 sit-ups instead of lifting weights. Walter is a Republican, and in 2014 he appeared in an advertisement funded by the United States Chamber of Commerce in support of Jack Kingston’s candidacy in the Republican primary election for election to the United States Senate in 2014.

MMA money:

In 2007 Walker announced his intention to pursue a career in MMA and took part in two professional fights, challenging Greg Nagy in 2010 and Scott Carson in 2011.

A $1.8 million contract:

Walker signed a deal with the New Jersey Generals in 1993, owned by J. Walter Duncan, an Oklahoma oil magnate. The USFL initially followed the NFL and banned underclassing. However, league officials concluded that the settlement would never hold up in court and subsequently threw it out. To circle the league’s $1.8 million salary cap, Walker signed a personal services agreement with Duncan.


In 1982, Herschel Walker won his first awards, the Heisman Trophy, then won the Maxwell Trophy the same year. In 2008 Walker won the All-time College All-Stars Award.

Cindy Deangelis Grossman’s net worth is not nearly as impressive as 13-14 million dollars. But we do know that Cindy Deangelis Grossman is an American-born businesswoman. Sadly she is most known as the ex-wife of former professional footballer, Herschel Walker. She only rose to fame after her relationship with the famous athlete came out in public. However, even before Herschel became a superstar, the two got married and set out for success – It was she who encouraged Walker, supported him and supported him in every way possible. So it is good that she benefited during their early years, when Walker earned over $1 million as his annual salary. He was also earning big income from other sources like an endorsement and several endorsement deals. Likewise, Cindy also benefited from her care.

Besides having fancy cars, she also lived in an expensive apartment and has a few others that cost hundreds and thousands of dollars.

7. Where is Cindy Deangelis Grossman now?

Even after the divorce, Cindy Deangelis Grossman and Herschel are still family. They are seen working together for the sake of their son, Christian, who is gifted in athletics like his parents. Similarly, back in 2015, the pair were spotted attending the National Mixed Junior Championship. Not to mention that Cindy has custody of their son. In fact, Walker never fought for custody because he felt he was unfit for him in his condition to care for their beloved son.

As for marriage, Cindy did not have a serious relationship after their divorce. Since they didn’t break up due to rumors or scandals, Grossman may still have a soft spot for her former husband. But it is not reciprocal, as the 6-foot-1-inch-tall former NFL player currently lives with his fiancée Julie M. Blanchard, an ESPN executive; They started dating in 2010 and later got engaged. They reside in Westlake, Texas.


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