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Celina Powell is a 26-year-old American influencer who has been kind of a thorn in the world of show business for a while and weirdly thinks it’s a smart career move! Her fame has come off the backs of others as quite often Powell is known for making outlandish claims about rappers. Previously, she reportedly tried to convince people that she was pregnant with rapper Offset’s child. Based on the fact that Celine Powell has not even given birth, she was clearly lying about the pregnancy back then. She then eventually admitted to faking the pregnancy. It was all an obvious ploy for fame and money. Celine Powell has also been linked in the past to Fetty Wap, Waka Flocka, Swae Lee, Fabolous, and O’Shea Jackson Jr but more prominently, she was seriously linked to Snoop Dog. In December 2019, a 24-year-old Celine Powell claimed that Snoop Dogg flew her out so that the two could hang out. She alleged that the two did cocaine and engaged in sexual activities and she was even claiming that he took her to a cheap motel. This led Snoop Dog to post a picture with his wife to indicate publically that he has nothing but love for his wife – and only his wife! Given Powell’s history of lying, we don’t know the truth. The only thing we do know for sure is the things she has said in various mediums and her actions which include you paying $29.25 to find out the details of her sex tape! Here are 18 facts about the influencer that might interest you if you’re just getting acquainted with her name: 

Celina Powell: 18 Real Facts About The “THOT” Influencer 

Who is Celina Powell?

  • Celina Powell is an American influencer who has almost 50,000 followers on Instagram
  • Celina Powell is more well known for her alleged sexual encounters with various male celebrities.
  • Celina Powell is 26-year-old Celina Powell 
  • Celina Powell is also an OnlyFans creator
  • Celina Powell gained fame by making YouTube videos and social media posts exposing rappers she was involved with – sexually. 

Childhood and early life:

This American influencer is originally from Denver in Colorado. 

What happened with Drake and Celina Powell?

In early January 2021, alleged text messages between Celina and Drake surfaced online. Known for trying to expose celebrities, Celina appears to be trying to engage with Drake in the messages.

However, Drake swiftly shut her down. “Def never gave u my number. I know who u are. I want nooooo parts,” the sender wrote. Celina wrote back, “welp okay. N yes you did it’s still in my dm. I don’t wanna upset you tho so I’ll stop.”

In an attempt to prove this influencer wrong, Drake hit back with a screenshot of the alleged direct messages –  “Doesn’t look like it lol,” he wrote back. Celina replied, “I just wanted you to open my DMs thanks,” adding, “I don’t wanna get blocked tho sooo I’ll exit now.”

Offset Abortion:

In a viral TikTok, Celina Powell listed off a barrage of allegations about famous men, including Offset. Along with the text: “All the celebs who made me get an abortion,” the video then shows pictures of Offset, Eminem, Jason Derulo and Bryce Hall. 

But speaking of Offset, this social media influenced showed images of alleged legal documents of Offset transferring $50,000 for the alleged abortion. 

However, his ex-wife and baby mama rapper Cardi B took to Twitter to deny the claims out-right, responding to a tweet of the video saying:  “You must be new on social media…here let me take you way back,”. The WAP rapper posted this along with screenshots of 2018 news articles about Celina Powell lying about an Offset pregnancy and paternity test.

Celina Powell came on Face The Truth to discuss faking the pregnancy for clout online:

Faking a paternity test and an ultrasound photo is pretty low to be honest and runs the risk of ruining a man’s life and his reputation! 

Some guess that this social media influencer might have been after a paycheck and nothing else, but if the day comes when she does truly get pregnant, if that day comes, then who’s to say anyone will believe her? Will the wolf who cried boy follow her around for the things she did in the past.

This is the kind of woman (who makes it a habit to accuse people of becoming a new baby daddy) who is seeking a quick paycheck. Unfortunately, her allegations don’t seem to matter each time that the “mature” 26-year-old claims to be pregnant whether the guy has a woman in his life or not. 

The American influencer is a host of various videos online: 

Celina Powell is an influencer with a YouTube channel in which she regularly uploads ‘Storytime’ videos of her alleged experiences with celebrities, most commonly American rappers. Prior to this, she was also the host of Adam22’s No Jumper podcast for a period of time in 2020, during which she – surprise, surprise – continued to speak of regular rapper allegations.

Celina Powell is called the ‘Black Widow’ in the Hip Hop industry:

Allegations in the past from the American influencer are not limited to rappers like Snoop Dogg (who she leaked FaceTime calls with online), Takeshi SixNine (who she posed with his jewellery) and Tory Lanez (who she alleges had her ‘jumped’, and The list goes on.

But why is she called the Black Widow for having sexual interests? 

You can hear more about it on her own YouTube channel, especially since she even has a series titled: “Thots In Training,” in which she teaches her followers how to get celebrities to reply to you and meet them.

The American influencer is also called the black widow for using these experiences to make money. She recently posted on her Instagram story that she had some exclusive sex tapes with Tekashi 6ix9ine and Snoop Dogg. They come at a hefty price though – subscribers only! 

“I dropped exclusive NEVER before seen tapes on 69 and Snoop,” she said in her Instagram Stories. “Y’all thought I was playing. I keep every video,” she said. The tapes can apparently only be viewed if you subscribe to her OnlyFans account for $29.25 a month – ohhh, she’s good!

Speaking of Thots, who is her friend Aliza?

According to her No Jumper ( a podcast ) stint, Celina Powell and her friend Aliza went viral on the internet for her friend’s allegations of a bizarre intimate moment with Trey Songz. 

Yep, Celina Powell’s friend Aliza (@ayyyejae on Instagram) made a splash on the internet 

after her appearance on No Jumper, a podcast hosted by online personality Adam22.

The THOT pair made some outrageous claims about their sexual escapades, one of which involved Trey Songz. “I got peed on too,” said Aliza. “I didn’t know what happened, he just did it. He just did it,” she added, before confirming the encounter was with Songz.

Celina Powell’s friend Aliza claimed Songz followed her into the bathroom after the pair were intimate and proceeded to pee on her. “Every b***h that I known f***ed him says the same s**t”, she added.

“He’s psycho,” she continued. “He took my phone and my purse away for like a whole day, held it over the balcony and was like “B**ch if you try to leave I will drop this sh*t.”” Aliza also claimed he did the same thing to Celina and alleged he held her hostage. Songz denied the claims.

Elsewhere during the interview, Aliza revealed she was involved in a sexual encounter with seven members of the same basketball team in one night.


Celina Powell took to Twitter to reveal that she had been arrested by saying: “I went to jail again lmao”. 

She didn’t express exactly what happened but this influencer was reportedly arrested over a driving offence. The Miami Herald reports that she was caught making a right turn from Southwest 137th Avenue to Southwest 18th Street without using a right turn signal. 

Police reportedly stopped the 26 year old and gave her a verbal warning about not using the signal before arresting her on a charge of “habitually driving on a suspended license”. 

The 26 year old influencer reportedly had her license revoked in Colorado for being a “habitual traffic offender,” and was driving on a suspended license as well. 

Speaking of jail, it actually took bounty hunters a while to track Celina Powell down:

American influencer Celina Powell seems to need to make a spectacle of herself so it’s hard to think of why it took bounty hunters so long to catch her when she’s adamant about being out in public.

What happened between Celina Powell and Snoop Dogg?

26-year-old influencer Celina Powell has repeatedly attempted to accuse Snoop Dogg of cheating on his wife with her during an alleged drug-fuelled sexual encounter, which Snoop has previously denied. He even announced plans to air a TV show called ‘Clout Chasers’ following the drama – way to go Snoop!

The 26-year-old shared alleged screenshots of texts between the pair, which featured semi-naked photos and alleged FaceTime conversations. Later on, the 26-year-old posted a lengthy video explaining the alleged rendezvous.

The rumours resurfaced after Tekashi 6ix9ine targeted Snoop in a since-deleted post urging Snoop to “apologise” to his wife Shante Monique Broadus, tagging her in the post.

Celina Powell seems to have put up a GoFundMe account and treated it like a joke:

Most people simply won’t set up a GoFundMe account because they are bored and need something to do. This kind of account is still a running joke with certain people since it’s been abused way too often, but in Celina Powell’s case it seems she got caught and then tried to pass it off as nothing serious.

Celina Powell was recently involved in a fight with Tory Lanez’s girlfriend:

In addition to Snoop Dog and Drake, the 26-year influencer allegedly approached rapper Tory Lanez as well. Now a lot of the guys she meets have female partners or girlfriends. 

Tory Lanez was simply another rapper she was interested in and even had a history with, so they met outside of his condo and the two got into an altercation and that’s when Tory’s girlfriend Kaylin stepped in. The female influencer told police that she was tackled to the ground and had to fight her way out of the situation – but there is uncertainty because there isn’t any security footage showing this altercation.

After the incident, Powell, a social media star who once had millions following her, posted a video of herself in a wheelchair. She is wearing a neck brace in the video. The caption says “see you in court b*tch.” Naturally, she has perfect hair and makeup for someone who was just allegedly beaten up to the point where they blacked out and later went to the hospital for their injuries. No arrests have been made yet in this case.

She lists her job as a social media personality, but she has a huge following thanks to her controversial posts:

She’s an Instagram model who wanted more fame and therefore somehow bamboozled enough people into thinking that she’s important to get them to pay for her lifestyle.

Where is Celina Powell from and what is her nationality?

An American, the 26-year old lives in Colorado, Denver and has Puerto Rican heritage.

What is Celina Powell’s Instagram?

Celina is a famous Instagram star who is known for her super sexy promiscuous images and dramatic content. Her main source of followers comes from her Instagram account which currently doesn’t exist as of May 2021. 

How old is Celina Powell?

Born on June 13th 1994, Celina Powell is 26-years-old.

Does Celina Powell have OnlyFans?

The 26-year-old does have an OnlyFans account, and her username on the subscription service is @celinapowell.


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