Casino Slot Machine Secrets You Must Know About


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Slot machines are one of the most played games in gambling. Casino players may not know about many slot machine secrets that are considered pure luck. If you seek to win slot machine games and make some serious money, read the below secrets to plan your next strategy before playing.

Slot machines are made fast for some reasons

Players measure their overall profits by the time spent on a slot machine while playing games. Many players are not even aware that the casinos want them to stick to a game for as long as possible besides playing them fast. In light of this, the games are made to be played quickly. The casino makes far more money overall if a spin only takes 10 seconds as opposed to twenty seconds.

One of the key causes for the casinos’ gradual phase-out of slot machine arms during the preceding few decades was this. Pulling the lever each time slower game than simply pressing the buttons. The opposite of what casinos want you to do is to take your time with each spin. You’ll spend more time overall enjoying the game if you spin slowly and wager wisely.

Most casinos attract players to play on a particular slot machine

This is a reason why some slots are made more attractive than others. Many land-based casinos make some slot machines virtually attractive with amazing designs and places in a prime locations. Now, the secret is these over-attractive slot machines make casinos more money and are made in a way that grabs the attention of players in a particular game for a long time. When a player plays a single game for a long time, they usually end up losing money. This is why you should always keep changing your position in case the slot machine does not pay you well.

You cannot beat a slot machine in the long run

Although many players win the jackpot in slot machine games, the reality is you cannot beat a slot machine in the long run. After a few wins, you may feel that you have cracked the slot machine winning trick, but in the long run, it is always the opposite and you lose your wins. Slot machines are programmed in a way to pay a specific percentage to the players to make money for the casino. In many instances, you can calculate the total payout and frequency in casinos. The pay-out rate set by the casinos is mostly discreet and unfavourable for the players as they remain unaware of their chances of winning.

Casinos change game odds whenever they feel like

Casinos changing odds may change the game dynamics entirely and thus, this is one secret that they never disclose. Although some venues may not do so as it involves hard work and breach of regulations, they do this when the machines fail to make their expected profits. So, if you notice any casino employee changing the odd, make sure to ask the authorities about any changes made recently. This way you will be able to set your best odds to win money.

Using maximum coins with every spin

Whenever a person plays in slot machines, they are advised to use a small number of coins until the spins start favouring them. This actually is a poor technique and the player may end up all coins without winning big. Although we are not encouraging you to place bets or put in more coins than you can afford, try to use a maximum number of coins with every spin. This is because many slot machines activate available jackpots at a few favourable conditions which players never know.

The secret behind a pay-out ticket

This secret is more based on psychological understanding than logic but affects your overall slot machine experience in a land-based casino. In most casinos, you do not get direct cash out from the machine, rather you are provided with tickets that need to be forfeited. This pay-out ticket makes you feel that you are not holding real cash at hand or sometimes, they offer more tickets to make you feel lucky to have them even though they are worth very less. Under both conditions, you end up playing and accumulating more tickets while casinos make profits. Always cash out your tickets as soon as possible after a win to ensure playing within your limits.

Right slot machines are hard to find

One of the significant slot machines’ secrets is picking the right slot machine at the right time. Naturally, some slot machine works well than others. This is because casino owners may not spend enough on every slot machine to make them all appealing. Researching a new game thoroughly, observing the pay-out pattern, and the machine which suits your bankroll is the key factors in choosing the right slot machine.

If you have won in a slot machine before, it does not mean you will win again

Although slot machines have pay-out rates and odds you can choose from, the numbers do not mean that you will win each time. Past results may vary in future because every spin is independent and different from the previous ones.

Casinos track your bets

One secret which every gambler must know about is that casinos track the bettors’ bets and every move made in-house. From the moment a player selects a slot machine to make their last bet, casinos collect data and analyse the session. This is to monitor any suspicious activity and control players from cheating with the machine. Casinos may also track your movement for marketing purposes to ensure players visit casinos frequently.

Every player is not eligible for the progressive jackpot

Every slot machine player looks for ways to win progressive jackpots, but what they never know is the eligibility factor. In other words, players spending a certain amount of time are usually found eligible by slot machines for progressive jackpots. If you only play two coins every spin on a four-coin progressive slot machine, for instance, you won’t be able to hit the top prize. Always make sure your wagers are large enough to satisfy the major jackpot conditions while playing a progressive game. If you can’t win a jackpot, you’re just playing a progressive slot for nothing.

Playing in slot machine does not require any skill

Although many slot machines may display tricks and techniques to win big, they are purely based on luck. There may be some skill involved in some machines, but the results are more likely to be determined by luck. Additional gameplay features are sometimes available on some machines, but they are mostly used for reel animations.

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