Bungou Stray Dogs Characters: Trivia, Background, and Skills


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This anime tells us about this interesting plot starring Atsushi Nakajima, one of the bungou stray dogs characters. A boy related to the Company of Armed Detectives, the great agency that fights against mafias like El Puerto and the Guild.

Bungou Stray Dogs Characters: Meet Them All!

Atsushi Nakajima

This pale-skinned, light gray-haired guy is the main character.  


Atsushi has segmental heterochromia, consisting of purple with yellow along the lower curve of his pupil. Her hair is short and slicked forward into loose ends with a lock, long left on the right side of his face. This uneven style is the result of the bullying at the orphanage, and he never fixed it. In addition, he has a prominent black streak in his hair.


An 18-year-old teenager who used to live in an orphanage before the caregivers kicked him out. Since then, his words condemning him as “useless” have left him a trauma and fuel his will to fight to find a reason to live, slowly gaining confidence as the series progresses. 

This history of abuse has had a huge impact on Atsushi’s self-esteem as an adult and has led him to constantly question the value and usefulness of his life.

According to the director, Atsushi’s parents threw it away. This director becomes the basis for Atsushi’s warped self-esteem.

Skills and Powers:

He transforms into a white tiger. At first, he doesn’t seem to have much control over the transformation, because of the unawareness of his status. After becoming an official member of the Agency, he gains more control over his transformations, as shown in his second fight with Akutagawa, when he breaks the transformation in his arms to escape.

He has been shown to possess immense speed, durability, strength, energy, and stamina on several occasions. However, after using his ability, Atsushi appears to end up unconscious. Later, he learns to trade his limbs for those of a tiger to improve his physical abilities. 


  • He is usually barefoot for a long time, especially in fights, due to his transformation.
  • He thinks that his weakness is that he is weak and does not believe that he has strengths.
  • His favorite food is Chazuke
  • He likes cats, Yokohama and chameleons
  • He does not like the orphanage where he lived and himself
  • His favorite place in Yokohama is the business district.
  • She recently spends her free time borrowing books from the library and studying.
  • As usual since he lived in the orphanage, he goes to bed at 9 and wakes up at 5.

Osamu Dazai

Bungou Stray Dogs Characters – Osamu Dazai

A member of the Armed Detective Agency who takes Atsushi under his wing and is known to be a “suicide maniac” due to his desire to commit suicide and die comfortably one day, preferably with a beautiful woman. Yet under his carefree and laid-back demeanor, Dazai is extremely cunning, intelligent, skilled, and brutal, once a feared Port Mafia executive. 


Dazai is a tall, slim, young man with short, slightly wavy dark brown hair and narrow dark brown eyes. His bangs frame his face, while some are gathered in the center of his forehead. 


Ōgai Mori was first acquainted with Osamu Dazai at age 14 when she took him in as a patient who had recently attempted suicide. Mori assassinated the dying former Port Mafia boss that same night, whose only goal at the time was further death and destruction, with a young Dazai as his sole witness. 

Dazai eventually developed a casual relationship with Mori, who took him in as a ward. To the chagrin of Mori, who originally believed they were “in the same boat”, Mori quickly realized that he was wrong when he discovered that the young man was much darker and wiser than he believed.

He and Chūya used to be partners during their days in the mob, and together, having decimated the entirety of an enemy organization in one night, they became notoriously dubbed the Double Black.

Skills and Powers:

His ability, Not Human Anymore, allows to override the Abilities of others in contact. His ability is based on contact with the skin and is always active. As such, he can override any ability even when restricted as soon as he touches it.


  • He, and various characters, appeared in the Kimito Lead Puzzle 18 mobile game as a limited-time character.
  • He was the youngest executive in the history of the Port Mafia.
  • His rivalry with Chūya Nakahara is due to the contrast of their personalities, while Dazai manipulates and takes advantage of people for his own convenience, Chuya seems to prefer to take a longer route to solve things and thus not take advantage of anyone.
  • He has an irregular sleeping pattern and does not sleep much.
  • He feels like he should think of new ways to harass Chuya in case they pair up again.
  • He thinks that everything is his strong point
  • His ideal type is anyone who is willing to commit a double suicide with him.
  • His motto is “Have a pure, joyous and energetic suicide”.
  • According to him, there were no times when he thought he was dying anymore.

Ranpo Edogawa

Bungou Stray Dogs Characters – Ranpo Edogawa

The only member of the Agency without capacity and a self-proclaimed detective, although he is one of the oldest in the office, he lacks the basic skills of daily life.


His outfit consists of a brown investment cape that he wears over his shoulders and whose color matches his hat and pants. Beneath that, he wears a dark gray blazer and white button with a light and dark blue striped tie. Under his three-quarter length pants, he wears long white socks that cover the visible part of his legs, and simple black shoes.

He is also quite childish, frequently poking fun at the other detectives in the agency and sometimes refusing to do jobs or cases for trivial reasons such as laziness or a grudge. However, he can get serious and calm when the situation calls for it. He is also incredibly smart and the rest of the Armed Detective Agency praises him for it, even more because he lacks skill. It is possible that his childhood behavior is a coping mechanism of how he was traumatized by his childhood.


Twelve years ago Ranpo met with the president of the agency, who at that time was a bodyguard. They get together thanks to a crime scene, since Ranpo was looking for a job in an office where Fukuzawa’s client had just been killed and later they go to a dinner, which Fukuzawa offers him in exchange for his help with the case, to realize your intelligence. After this, they begin to forge a bond, as Fukuzawa is impressed by his history and his unique intelligence and finally, they agree that Ranpo will stay with him until they get a job.

Fukuzawa and Ranpo at first argue, however as the days go by they begin to sympathize and talk. 

This is clearly seen when both go to the theater in search of employment when after a fight, due to Ranpo’s sensitivity, they go behind the scenes; Right there, he gives the glasses that he believed would help him to leave his low self-esteem, because that way he would feel that the world would not have to understand him, if he was superior to the supernatural being. Also assuring that he would be a great detective.

Thanks to this action, Ranpo goes in search of the murderer who threatened the theater (and for whom Fukuzawa was called) being kidnapped and Fukuzawa has to go rescue him. Since then, Fukuzawa decided never to leave Ranpo alone and protect him from everything, as well as find a place where he could develop his ability.

Skills and Powers:

Ranpo prides himself on his “skill,” which can unravel any mystery in seconds, solving countless cases. He is often bragged about his status as the best detective

His ability, Super Deduction, allows him to solve any case in a matter of seconds, knowing who the culprit is and why he did it. This ability is activated when he puts on his glasses. However, it is not a true ability, and it only depends on his intellect, even if he thinks it is.


  • Ranpo in chapter 56 states that he has no powers, accepting his situation.
  • He constantly hits and climbs on the backs of his teammates.
  • Ranpo seems unable to sleep if it is completely dark.
  • In the novel, it is mentioned that he is very docile to the voice of the president.
  • He didn’t get any chocolate for Valentine’s Day on the “Bones” special.
  • Ranpo was not born in Yokohama. He was raised in the countryside until the death of his parents when he then moved to Yokohama shortly after at the suggestion of his father.
  • Hates seagulls.

Akiko Yosano 

Bungou Stray Dogs Characters – Akiko Yosano

She is the Agency physician feared for her devious treatments. 


Yosano wears a simple white shirt with long sleeves, which she wears rolled up, with a long black tie that reaches her waist, and a wide and high black skirt. Her outfit is completed with black gloves and stockings and red heels.

It seems that Yosano is a lady feminist who believes that now is the era of equal rights for men and women. She is almost always described as calm and collected, but when angry she is a force to deal with, often sadistic in her retaliation.


Fourteen years ago, Yosano, just 11 years old, performed on a military medical fellowship alongside her first-class assistant physician, Ogai Mori. The two worked in the medical unit of a military troop stationed on Tsukoyami Island, a mysterious place where night prevailed.

Yosano, constantly exposed to death and trauma, used her ability to heal the soldiers, all of whom were deeply grateful for saving their lives. Yosano did not like to be held on a pedestal, and she often spoke harshly to them, maintaining her usual tough personality. Despite the troop’s respect for her, they suffered from Mori’s possessive nature over her, often threatened by him with a weapon, with no doubt in his mind that he would kill them. Yosano explicitly stated that she is not his property. Mori reasons that he is still her superior, and he has every right to correct her attitude. Yosano disagrees, stating that she knows nothing of military protocol, revealing that last week, she had worked in a confectionery until Mori forced her to participate in the war.

The war continues, getting worse and worse. Yosano had to heal more often, to the point of two or three times in a single day. The army would have withdrawn, the infantry did not, because they had Yosano to use.

Skills and Powers:

Her ability, Thou Shalt Not Die, allows her to heal injuries and damage to her teammates as long as they are “half dead”, which means that the ability is useless against light wounds. To heal people she needs to do great harm to them first, although she seems to enjoy it. She is also an expert in close combat, where she uses a giant knife as a weapon.


  • Yosano hates weak men and male chauvinism
  • Her favorite things are flowers, Japanese sweets, eel, and sake.
  • She made an appearance along with several other characters in the mobile game “Kimito Lead Puzzle 18” as a character for a limited time.
  • Yosano is named after a pacifist feminist poet whose work was considered controversial in her day for portraying and promoting female sexuality.
  • Her skill is also named after one of Yosano Akiko’s royal poems, which was addressed to her  brother and published during the height of the Russo-Japanese War. It was later made into a song and sung in protest of the war.
  • She says the obituary is the most interesting section of the newspaper, as it judges people “in the fairest way,” to which Dazai agrees.
  • Yosano reveals that she and Mori had a connection a long time ago. 
  • The butterfly brooch that Yosano wears is a gift from a military man during her interim medical student process when she was 11 years old, later when the soldier committed suicide, she lost it but returned to his hands thanks to Ranpo.

Other Bungou Stray Dogs Characters:

Doppo Kunikida 

Bungou Stray Dogs Characters – Doppo Kunikida 

Dazai’s partner, he is in the habit of writing and planning everything in advance in her signature pad, with the cover labeled “Ideals.” This notebook is linked to his ability, Lonely Poet, allowing him to give existence to any object he writes inside, as long as it is no larger than the notebook itself.

Junichirō Tanizaki

Bungou Stray Dogs Characters – Junichirō Tanizaki

An 18-year-old assistant at the Agency who is primarily focused on gathering information such as his ability, Light Snow, allows him to project illusions within a certain area, which is not very suitable for combat. He cohabits with his younger sister Naomi and appreciates her very much, despite finding some of her antics annoying.

Kenji Miyazawa

Bungou Stray Dogs Characters – Kenji Miyazawa

An optimistic and carefree 14-year-old boy who hails from the countryside, he is extremely popular with Yokohama residents due to his honesty and cheerful demeanor. This makes it the Agency’s primary eyewitness data collector. His ability is called Undefeated by Rain, which grants him superhuman strength when hungry.

Kyōka Izumi

Bungou Stray Dogs Characters – Kyōka Izumi

She is a 14-year-old orphan girl who was taken in by the Port Mafia and became its youngest killer. Her ability, Demon Snow, materializes Demon Snow, a ruthless ghost wielding a sword that only follows orders from her mobile phone, allowing Akutagawa to control her ability in the past. Their parents also used to be assassins until an enemy tried to use a body manipulation skill on them. 

Kirako Haruno 

Bungou Stray Dogs Characters – Kirako Haruno 

An employee who works at the Armed Detective Agency.

Naomi Tanizaki 

Bungou Stray Dogs Characters – Naomi Tanizaki 

She is Junichirō’s sister who has a sibling complex and frequently likes to tease him. Although she can be tedious for her brother at times, she is a capable young woman.

Katai Tayama 

Bungou Stray Dogs Characters – Katai Tayama 

He is an Agency information broker with the Futon skill, which allows him to control electronic devices within his sight as long as he does not touch them.


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