Avoiding Blacklisted Online Casinos: Essential Insights and Proven Tips for a Safe Gambling Experience


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Although there are thousands of online casinos that run their business ethically, many end up with a bad reputation due to some or other misdeeds. Some casinos are completely fraudulent and are blacklisted in the gambling industry. The best way to protect yourself from such sites is by sticking to the thumb rule we have mentioned below. Now that if you come across a backlisted casino site, you know that it has some issues with fair play or legality and you need to avoid them completely.

What Is a Blacklisted Online Casino?

Generally, blacklists are used to identify items or businesses that society or industry consider unacceptable or untrustworthy. Those backlisted must be avoided or reported as soon as found by us. In gambling, a blacklisted casino is one that does not follow fair game rules or fails to protect customers’ interests. A casino is backlisted when they pose threat to the gambling community. Although there is no official blacklisting agency that labels online casinos under backlist, it is due to the resources which pick them up and inform others regarding perils associated with that site.

Some reasons why online casinos are backlisted

Not paying customers on time or as promised

Many casinos lure newbies by immediate cash-out or prompt payments but fail to do so. A cash-out that is beyond the timeframe is considered bad for the site. In many cases, the casino is insolvent and tries to control customers’ withdrawals by making the withdrawals process complicated. As a result, the user keeps using the cash in the casino forcefully until it is lost completely.

Not paying at all

This is one of the fears many customers have regarding online casinos. A blacklisted gaming site that does not pay at all to its customers is simply fraudulent and must be avoided.


Before getting registered or depositing money in the online casino, users have to provide the sites with personal and bank details to complete the registration procedure. It is important to note, however, that many casinos use your personal information to send you promotional messages and even sell it to third parties.

Fake products advertisement

Casinos promoting fake products or misleading customers are also backlisted as customers may lose money due to misleading advertisements. Some countries have fined hefty amounts to casinos for misleading customers through inappropriate ads.

Unfair bonuses and gaming

Apart from not paying on time, casinos can be backlisted if they do not follow fair game law. Also, they must provide customers with promotional benefits or bonuses as promised to the users. Many casinos offer promotions but make them changeable according to the terms and conditions attached with the promotions. Therefore, we must always read terms and conditions carefully before claiming them or getting registered with the site.

Does not pay jackpots

Many people love land-based casinos more than online casinos mainly because of this reason. People always look for winning big jackpots in the game and if online casinos fail to pay them, they break online casino policy.

Unprofessional behavior of the customer service

Customer service is very important in every sort of online business as are casinos. When we face issues, we look for a customer service department that can solve them. But if these casinos fail to do so, their reputation is hampered due to avoiding customers’ complaints or interacting badly with them.

Risks associated with blacklisted online casinos

They are hard to find

When was the last time you came across a backlisted casino mentioning their backlisted business policies? I believe it will be never as these casinos do not mention that they have been blacklisted. Instead, they oppose the reasons mentioning that it was their competitors who cheated them. Many would offer attractive bonuses, positive language, fancy images and exciting animations to make new users join their website.

Users lose real money

One of the biggest risks of playing in a backlisted casino is risking our hard-earned money. This may include the money you won in games or your cash deposit. Many blacklisted gambling sites do not respect your money and they may charge you a hefty amount suddenly under false acclamations.

You lose your privacy

This is yet another threat of blacklisted online casinos where our privacy is compromised. Whenever a new user joins a site, they are asked to provide critical information like mobile number, email address, date of birth, full name and so on. Although reputed websites keep these details securely and protected, fake sites or blacklisted ones usually sell them to the third party in return for big amounts.

Poor gambling experience

We play or gamble mostly out of fun or to earn money. But what kind of fun would you have if your entire gaming experience is tense? Focusing on earning money is also disrupted if you have to face multiple issues while placing bets. Thus, online casinos which do not respect users’ gambling experience or have bad gaming software are often blacklisted by the gambling community.

What should you do if you have started gambling with a blacklisted online casino?

Do not panic

This is the first thing to do i.e., stop panicking and the blacklisted casino does not mean that they are completely fraud. Read the above list to know about things for which casinos are blacklisted. They may have missed with specific bonus or have failed to register customers’ complaints in the past. Whatever the case is, you still need to get out of them but without panicking and ensuring that your money is withdrawn without any speculation.

Start cashing out your money even if you are charged

One of the biggest risks with a blacklisted online casino is losing money. Although your personal detail is equally important, they cannot be deleted from the system. Hence, you must target getting your money out even if you are charged with a certain amount. Typically, the fastest method to cash out is more expensive but at least you will get your maximum money out. Most probably, backlisted casinos shut down within a short span without paying anyone or letting a person know about their shutting. Hence, the quicker you make your money out, the better will be the chances of recovering.

Choose an alternative casino that has a reputation and good reviews online

Once all your money is out, you must be looking for an alternative site where you can start playing safely. Never bar yourself from having fun just because young came across a blacklisted site. Rather, learn from the lesson and make additional effort in selecting an online casino in future. Some of the things to look upon include casino license and policy, their withdrawal terms, age and deposit limits and the bonuses and promotions that look neither too attractive nor distractive.

Bottom line

Every human being tends to make mistakes, including getting registered in an online casino that has been blacklisted. Casinos get backlisted due to various reasons, but many work tirelessly to remove unwanted taglines from their site. With time, good casinos remove the tag and promote the fair game and other relevant services afterwards. But then, some casinos constantly mislead their customers and spam them forever. Any gaming site which does not pay or refuses to follow gambling policies must be reported to the gambling community at once to help others from falling into its prey.

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