Anne With An E Season 4: When Will We Get To See It?


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Anne With an E is a popular Canadian TV show. The hit comedy show debuted on Canadian TV in March 2017. A few months later, Netflix made it available for global audiences as well. The show has had three successful seasons and fans have been demanding Anne With An E Season 4. In this post, we will find out more about it. Let’s get started.

Anne With An E Season 4: All You Need To Know

Who created Anne With An E?

Anne With An E has been created by Moira Walley-Beckett. She has worked on shows like Breaking Bad and Flesh And Bone before creating Anne With An E.

How did viewers respond to Anne With An E?

Since its first episode, Anne With an E was extremely well received and quickly rose in popularity. Fans loved the portrayal of Anne on screen and showed a lot of things that people could relate to. Anne grew up in an orphanage and all of her experiences in the orphanage helped shape her life.

People have praised the show for its desire to tackle important issues such as classism. It has also been hailed for featuring a female centric cast with female creators.

When is Anne With An E season 4 coming out?

Despite its popularity, Anne With An E was cancelled by Netflix after its third season in 2019. Fans were livid and immediately thronged to Twitter to demand a renewal of Anne With An E. Even though #renewannewithane got over a million mentions and even got Canadian movie star Ryan Reynolds onboard, the showrunners/Netflix/CBC have not made any announcement about Anne With An E Season 4. 

In hindsight, fans shouldn’t have been so surprised when Anne With An E was cancelled as the third season was announced as the show’s final season before its release. 

Why was Anne With An E cancelled?

The reason given for the cancellation of the show was a supposed lack of growth and interest in the show among the 25-54 age group. However, fans of the show still continued to say that the reason was fake as there was no way for CBC/Netflix to know the age of the show’s audience.

Showrunner Moira Walley-Beckett said that she had planned to run the show for longer and the cancellation really disappointed her. She tried to pitch the show to various other platforms but it didn’t work. She even tried to commission a feature film to conclude the series but even that failed to work out.

What made Anne With An E so popular?

Anne with an E is one of the children’s and youth series that has achieved the greatest reach in recent years. This is the adaptation of Anne of Green Gables, the story written by Lucy Maud Montgomery and published in 1908. Despite its success with the public, the series was inexplicably cancelled in 2019, causing much more than one complaint. A petition requesting the renewal of Anne with an E for a fourth season became popular on social networks and reached over a million signatures. But what was its popularity due to? 

Set around the same time as the book’s publication, Anne with an E is the story of an orphan girl with wit and interest in words and her surroundings. She is an absolute romantic. She is adopted by the Cuthbert brothers, who take her to live on Prince Edward Island, their home known as Green Gables, a piece of paradise on earth where Anne will meet great friends, but also run into annoying problems. The truth is that there is no one who can destroy Anne’s spirit, so her dilemmas will be constant but not insurmountable.

What are the issues that Anne With An E tackled?

We know that long ago Anne with an E stopped following in the footsteps of books. The scriptwriters separated from the story written by Lucy to give way to an argument where dilemmas could be observed that connected with the present time. The adaptation was not afraid of touching on more sensitive issues such as feminism, racism, classism, human rights, and LGBT issues, among many more. Making its way as a series of consciousness that not only works as meaningless entertainment.

In the present time, it is already difficult to address issues such as sexism, racism, or bullying, however, Anne with an E does it in a reliable way and fits it perfectly to the time of the series. The writers take the complexity of the situations to the next level, with Anne doing everything she can to ensure that the people around her are not mistreated by others full of prejudices. Despite her impulsive nature, occasionally obscured by some emotional clouds, Anne always seeks to do the right thing, and only with her voice can she combat the evils of Avonlea that are still very present in the world. current.

Throughout the series, we can meet multiple characters who have a difficult time due to conservative thinking, such as Bash, a man of African descent who encounters racism everywhere he goes. As the series develops he finds his place in the land of Avonlea despite the initial prejudices of its inhabitants.

The era of inclusion that we are currently living in makes us come across a large number of series and films that have given great opportunities to the LGBT community, who for a long time lived as stereotyped characters. In this sense, diversity is great, however, very occasionally we come across certain queer characters that are not developed in the best way; Anne with an E steers clear of that.

In Anne with an E, we have Josephine Berry, Cole Mackenzie and Mr. Phillips. Josephine’s story is one that represents all those homosexual couples who once managed to make their life together but offered a different face to society due to prejudice; Diana’s aunt lived all her years with Gertrude, a woman who died shortly before the start of the series; Josephine mentions her as her friend, someone she loved very much, but in reality, it was her partner, and she remembers her with sadness and affection.

Cole is a boy who arrives in Avonlea some time later, with a very noble character and with a deep interest in drawing. Cole is quiet and lonely, initially unhappy about his homosexual orientation. He suffers from the bullying of his classmates and the mistreatment of Mr. Phillips, who is actually also gay and punishes Cole for his own frustration. He soon becomes friends with Anne, who discovers in him a person with the same sensitivity as hers. When Cole meets Josephine Berry, Diana’s aunt, he makes a decision that changes his life forever.

With so many shows out there spending unimaginable budgets on plots that inspire viewers little or nothing. Anne with an E rose with 3 seasons and 27 episodes of pure magic, a world where joy exists and dreams can come true. Everyone must see the series, a great little gem on the small screen that deserves to be rescued by fans and renewed for more adventures with Anne of Green Gables.

How does the show honour Anne’s legacy?

The character created by Montgomery has managed to mark numerous generations. Reading books is a duty that has crossed borders and with the series, there is no reason for it to be different. The series honors Anne, a child ahead of her time, gifted with uncommon intelligence, and a great representative of women, outcasts, and outsiders, always in awe of her dreamy surroundings. Impossible not to mention Amybeth McNulty, who brings remarkable warmth to the character.

Anne is loyal and resourceful, and doesn’t think twice when someone asks for her help; Despite having suffered insecurity due to her appearance, she never felt less than others and she always raised her voice when necessary. Like the flowers of Green Gables that sparkle in the morning sun, Anne glows with her joy and her eccentric personality. She has the ability to change any situation with her optimism and her keen sense of justice. Anne with an E honors the spirit of the character, an example for all girls and women anywhere in the world. So whether Anne With An E Season 4 comes out or not, the three seasons of the show should be cherished forever. 


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