Alina Habba: Donald Trump’s Iraqi-American Attorney


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Alina Habba is a successful American lawyer of Iraqi origin who has achieved worldwide fame as the lawyer representing former American President Donald Trump during his trial. In this post, we will take a look at the life and career of Alina Habba. Let’s get started.

Alina Habba: All You Need To Know

Who is Alina Habba?

Alina Habba is a successful lawyer in America. She also happens to be the Managing Partner of Bedminster, New Jersey based law firm Habba Madaio & Associates LLP. The firm has an office in New York as well. She has been the main representative of Donald Trump during his ongoing trial. Alina Habba has been associated with Donald Trump for some time. She is a part of MAGA, Inc as a senior advisor as well.

When was Alina Habba born?

Alina Habba was born on March 25th, 1984 in the town of Summit, New Jersey. Her story is the “American Dream”. Her parents migrated from Iraq to build a better life for themselves. They settled in New Jersey and that’s where Alina Habba was born. After finishing high school in New Jersey, Alina Habba enrolled at Lehigh University and Widener University Law School in Commonwealth, Pennsylvania.

Alina Habba’s parents are Iraqi Christians and the biggest reason for their migration to America was escaping religious persecution by the Muslim majority population of Iraq. Alina Habba’s father is a qualified gastroenterologist and built his family’s new life in America with the help of his medical practice.

Where did Alina Habba study?

Alina Habba went to Kent Place School in New Jersey and graduated in 2002. She enrolled at Lehigh University and graduated with a degree in political science in 2005. She earned her JD (Doctor Of Jurisprudence) from the Widener University Commonwealth Law School in 2010. In between her Bachelor’s Degree completion and JD, Alina Habba worked with fashion giant Marc Jacobs. She was mainly involved with accessories production and marketing. Even though she enjoyed working in the fashion industry, Alina Habba decided to switch to a law school to financially boost her career.

How did Alina Habba become popular?

Former U.S. President Donald Trump was formally indicted in the “shake off” case last week. Iraqi-born Attorney Alina Habba has been on the agenda again recently, taking part in Trump’s defense team.

The people of Iraq were quite enthused by the news of an Iraqi-origin lawyer representing the former president of the United States Of America in court. Trump’s reliance on the lawyer in question sparked many reactions in Iraq.

How is Alina Habba’s relationship with Donald Trump?

According to news reports, Alina Habba keeps a framed news article about her successes in defending Trump at home, signed by the former president and read, “Alina, you did a great job.”

This note is a tribute to Habba’s work. Habba successfully ended the lawsuit filed by an intern against Trump on sexual harassment charges in 2017.

He later sued Trump for defamation when the intern called him a liar.

Attorney Habba, along with other members of the defense team, is fighting a judicial battle, the first of its kind in US history, after Trump became the first American president to face charges officially.

How is Alina Habba’s personality?

The news agency in question noted that Habba “was pleased with the trust of his very high-profile, very controversial client, and also described her as a “very devout Catholic and a true believer in the Trump cause.”

As a result of the wars and difficult security conditions Iraq has experienced in the last decades, many people in Iraq immigrated from the region and abroad, and many of them showed up in different fields.

How was Alina Habba allowed to become Donald Trump’s lawyer?

There is no legal situation in American law, whether in the constitution or private law, that prevents naturalized persons or foreign nationals from serving in governments, whether federal or state and this includes former President Barack Obama’s. The fact that he is not of American descent is evidence. In the legal profession in the United States, there is no difference between being an American and a dual citizen. They have no reservations, even in high-security and sovereign positions. They look at the person’s background, achievements, and whether they have committed a crime, which is important.

Alina Habba is a graduate, a dedicated lawyer, and a gradual process under American law. First trained, then served in ordinary courts, criminal courts, and supreme courts, reaching the highest level of legal practice. This helped Alina Habba face no obstacles in being appointed as Donald Trump’s lawyer.

How does Alina Habba’s success reflect upon Iraqi women?

Alina Habba has proven her high potential and has been added to the list of Iraqi women who have shown that they aren’t inferior to anyone else and capable of achieving anything. Despite numerous attempts to tarnish her image, and that of Iraqi women in general, Alina Habba has stayed resilient in her role as Donald Trump’s attorney and proved all naysayers wrong. She is on the path to becoming a big time leader in the future. She is already a folk hero in Iraq and news media outlets can’t stop talking about her.

Does hiring Alina Habba help Donald Trump with his image?

The trial of former President Donald Trump in the cases against him has brought the Iraqi-born lawyer to the fore with her distinct Middle Eastern characteristics.

The ironic part of the job is that Alina Habba’s great role is to remind everyone of the responsibilities immigrants take in the USA and the racism campaigns they are exposed to. This event reminded people that Trump partially or completely stopped the organized immigration campaigns towards the USA for many countries, especially Iraq and Libya. Meanwhile, the role of immigrants, especially lawyers, is prominent in defending the issues Trump faces personally.

What did Alina Habba say in her testimony?

Former US President Donald Trump’s lawyer, Alina Habba, defended that her client should not pay a daily fine of 10 thousand dollars by giving an affidavit in court regarding the objection that the Attorney General did not provide the documents he requested.

Former US President Donald Trump’s lawyer, Alina Habba, in her sworn statement before Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Arthur Engoron at the hearing in New York, stated that they could not present the documents requested from her client for the allegations of irregularity in business deals and that this should not be considered as disobedience.

It was stated that Judge Engoron refused to lift the sanction, citing the lack of detail in the affidavit of Trump’s attorney, which required the court to be paid $10,000 a day.

On April 25, Judge Arthur Engoron deemed Trump’s act as “disobedience”, and ordered him to pay a $10,000 fine for each day of not responding to the court.

On April 27, Alina Habba filed an appeal against the decision of a New York judge for a $10,000 daily “civil disobedience” fine for failing to respond to her subpoena.

Attorney General Letitia James criticized the appeal in a written statement, saying, “The judge’s decision is clear, but these games we’ve seen before will not stop our investigation into Trump and his organization.” had used the phrase.


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