Chloe Cherry: 6 Surprising Secrets Of The Euphoria Actress


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Elise Jones, known professionally as Chloe Cherry, is finally an American actress after becoming famous in the dark world of the adult sex industry where young women are manipulated on a daily basis. Since the former adult industry worker had a bunch of experience coupled with her sad childhood it was easy for The Euphoria showrunner to pick a perfect part for her to play. We are happy to report that she is also a model now and hopefully never goes back to the adult sex industry ever again. 

Chloe Cherry: 6 Things You Might Not Know About Faye! 

1. A childhood marked by pain: 

Chloe Cherry was born Elise Jones on August 23, 1997 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where she was also raised, describing her upbringing as “very conservative and boring”.

In Lampeter-Strasburg High School, Chloe Cherry  worked on her school yearbook, read the morning announcements, and briefly led a band.

Cherry’s father was diagnosed with cancer when she was 7 and died when she was 8. She has described this period in her life as “very traumatic”.

2. Chloe Cherry picked a sulfurous career after her father died:

The 24-year-old actress, who joined Euphoria in the role of Faye in season 2, speaks regularly about her past as an actress in the adult sex industry. In season 2 of the controversial series “Euphoria,” she plays Faye, a drug-addicted prostitute. On the other hand, the real-life Chloe Cherry, 24, made her adult sex videotaping debut in 2015. She was then known by the name of Chloe Couture finding work a week after she turned 18. 

Chloe Cherry left home and shifted from Lancaster to Miami and was soon signed to the adult sex industry modeling agency Hussie Models, where she was handled under the Riley Reynolds management  before moving to Los Angeles and joining hands with a company called Spiegler Girls. 

As of 2019, she became popular on the HubofCorn where she had already starred in over 200 adult films and where her films received over 125 million views. During the COVID-19 pandemic she started using OnlyFans mainly to sell her body again. 

3. Chloe Cherry’s history with sugar daddies:

When the actress of Euphoria returned to the podcast Viall Files hosted by Nick Viall, she confided in the period during which she had relationships with sugar daddies (a sobriquet given to rich men who pay younger women to keep them company and more of affinity).

“I don’t have any now. I still speak with some of them but we are only friends now. Having a sugar daddy is like going out with someone, except it’s for different reasons, ”she said, pointing out having lived stories with many men. 

“They give you something, so you date them based on what they give you, which seems to me to be the case with many people in traditional relationships as well. But at least with sugar daddies, only rich men want to spend their money on you. I had several that I talked to and I always chose funny people. Even though you are going to be my sugar daddy, I want you to make me laugh,” she added.

4. Chloe Cherry’s experience in adult movies destroyed her health:

Actress Chloe Cherry revealed to the general public about the fact that she was in the X industry, where she shot more than 200 films, which particularly marked her. The reason? Her agent at the time kept criticizing her physique. “He told me that everyone thought I was fat and that the fastest way to lose weight was to not eat anything,” she told the Call Her Daddy podcast, on March 9, 2022.

As a result, the young woman began to have eating disorders. “He said that to me when I was 18 and it was really weird because nobody had ever told me I was fat before. It then became an obsession.” Cherry therefore for months upon months limited herself to 200 calories a day, and followed a very strict diet! She hid her anorexia by telling others that she was drinking only one glass of green juice a day just to get a detox and be healthy. 

Seeing her condition deteriorate rapidly, Cherry, who was “starving”, ended up resuming a normal diet. And the ex-star of X, who now gives the reply to Zendaya in the HBO series said: 

“I was just miserable and not treating my body well. Now that I no longer count a single calorie and that I eat literally everything I want, my body is more beautiful than it has ever been”, she assured. The actress also recommended that anyone see a mental health professional if they happen to be struggling with an eating disorder. 

5. She is actually a model now:

C Cherry made her runway debut in February 2022, since signing a contract with the British modeling agency Anti-Agency London, walking for LaQuan Smith during New York Fashion Week. 

Chloe Cherry has made her appearance on numerous catwalks and front rows of author fashion that is hidden among international catwalks. From the GCDS catwalk to that of Blumarine or LaQuan Smith, or the contemporary color block transparencies of Maryam Nassir Zadeh in New York to the eminently naive and rebellious forms of Ashley Williams in London, there is no one like her to embody the noisy Y2K trend that many characters in the series so eagerly pursue. 

From wearing Chet Lo’s alien dermis to Supriya Lele’s bondage costume, Chloe Cherry keeps her eyes peeled and dares anything. And that’s why, more than any other member of the Euphoria cast, we want to closely follow her styling steps. 

6. Acting career:

Let’s talk about the redemption story for this character as she has finally decided to pursue film acting full-time. In 2022 Cherry made her acting debut in the HBO teen drama series Euphoria in the second season playing the recurring role of Faye, the girlfriend of a drug dealer. 

Prior to appearing on Euphoria, Cherry did a parody of the show but it wasn’t a video on YouTube; instead, it was an adult sex videotaping, in which she played a character called Jules along with another female fellow adult sex industry actress named Jenna Foxx.

Euphoria showrunner later sent Cherry an email asking her to audition for the role of Ami, a stripper and drug addict, after he (Sam Levinson the showrunner) witnessed her videos trending and saw on Instagram that she has a good sense of humor. 

Cherry auditioned for the showrunner Levinson in person in Los Angeles. Prior to that she was doing virtual auditions, but they didn’t know where to place her. 

After two auditions in person one of the show’s breakout stars, was given the part of Faye instead. 

Cherry has been hailed by critics for her amazing acting and later announced that she will star in the comedy-drama Tuna Melt, written and directed by Eddie Huang in March 2022. She will also be starring in the sci-fi drama written and directed by Peter Vack. 


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