15 Ultimate Weekend Getaways From Bangalore


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Bangalore combines several cultures. The past, as well as the present, are blended. The healthy climate tends to make it a melting pot. The Silicon Valley of India is filled with so many activities, and it is difficult to pick just a few! From the greatest nightlife to famous sites, it has it all.

The Top Weekend Destinations along with some hill stations near Bangalore are listed here.

1. Go to Kabini around night to look for spiders

In their search for large mammals in Kabini, such as tigers, elephants, and leopards, most people miss the smaller animals. Kaav, which means “holy grove” in Arabic, is a six-room private safari lodge with two opulent tents adjacent and four bedrooms in a complex. More than 40 kinds of spiders have been identified on the premises by manager Pavithra Kumar, also known as PK. 

Armed with pocket flashlights and magnifying lenses, go on a night-time exploration of the spider world around the home with him. Discover amazing species including the tent spider, enormous cross spider, leaping spider, two-tailed spider, and decorative tree trunk spider in a matter of minutes.

2. Cubbon Park: Relax in the lovely landscaping

Bangalore’s stunning Cubbon Park is a hub for information technology. It provides a rest for the green in a bustling urban setting. Due to its wholesome surroundings and more than 6000 trees, Cubbon Park serves as the “lungs” of the city. Some of the city’s most beautiful structures may be seen at Cubbon Park, including the striking State Archaeological Museum, SeshadriIyer Foundation Hall, and Attara Kacheri Memorial Hall. 

3. Bangalore Palace: A Stunning Site

Metallica’s first performance in India, in 2011, took place in this palace. Is there some other reason for it to rank among Bangalore’s most well-liked locations? I’m ok! With all of its amusements and water rides, Fun World is located on campus. A popular destination in Bangalore is Bangalore Palace. 

4. The Fascinating Animals of Bannerghatta National Park

Let’s avoid getting too caught up in the lion and tiger safaris. One of the best things to do in Bangalore is unquestionably to visit butterfly park, which is located in the Bannerghatta National Park. The best activities in Bangalore are swinging among 48 species of intriguing, elusive, and lovely bugs.

5. Your ticket to adventure is at Wonderla Amusement Park.

Bangalore’s Wonder La is an extremely popular entertainment destination. It’s a fantastic location for a summer holiday. A wonderful summer vacation destination is Wonder La. There are dance floors, rain showers, virtual reality performances, rides, melodic fountains, and laser shows, among other attractions. It is just one of Bangalore’s most well-liked theme parks and has five eateries that serve a variety of cuisines.

6. Elegant and glamorous, the Lalbagh Glass House

Lalbagh was finished by Tipu Sultan. A replica of the Mughal Garden is there. Every second weekend, the Karnataka government hosts a celebration named Janapada Jatre. This festival honours many forms including theatre and dance and is one of the greatest in Bangalore.

7. Gaming Cafes: Amazing Arcades

Silicon Valley in Bangalore extends beyond its IT hubs. The numerous entertaining things to do in Bangalore will improve its image, such as the streets lined with gaming cafés. If you visit any of these gaming locations in Bangalore, you may get the most immersive virtual reality experience you’ve ever had.

8. The excitement and speed of Go-karting

One or more of Bangalore’s various entertainment options could be of interest to you. You’re prepared to ride through some of Bangalore’s most difficult roads and venture off the usual path. You may go karting in Bangalore on a few of Speedway India’s toughest tracks, becoming the “person” of your dreams.

9. Turn on the lights in the bars, clubs, and restaurants.

One of the nicest things about Bangalore is the nightlife. Bangalore has everything you could want, from vibrant clubs and pubs to beer-filled breweries, cafés, and restaurants. One of India’s most well-known breweries is Toit, found in Indiranagar. Additionally, you may try some locally brewed drinks. Enjoy one of Bangalore’s most well-liked nightclubs while taking in the excitement of Counter Culture Concerts.

10. Sholay Village: Prepare yourself and go on a bike.

What part did the Chambal of Madhya Pradesh play in Sholay? Perhaps you’re asking. Among the most popular activities in Bangalore is riding a bike. Visit Ramnagar, which is 40 kilometres south of Bangalore, to view the well-known Indian movie setting. The Sippy Village, which carries the director Ramesh Sippy’s name, is a fantastic setting.

11. The Challenge of the Puzzle: Escape Rooms

Among the most popular hobbies in Bangalore is playing escape games. Live escape games give you paths and barriers as well as fascinating narratives. Use your brain to find a way out, or you can choose to remain imprisoned permanently. Bangalore’s enthusiasm for offbeat entertainment has led to an increase in the popularity of this project there.

12. Fly High in Fantasy Flight 4

You may now realize your aspiration of working as a pilot from India. As you take off from one of the over 200,000 airports worldwide, you will be a part of an almost genuine experience. With motion sensors and 3D surround vision, this is the ideal location to see spectacular action at high speeds.

13. Nandi Hills for adventure junkies

Karnataka is home to the old hill fort known as Nandi Hill. The Nandi Hills is a well-liked camping location because of its breathtaking scenery and exhilarating adventures. Every year, there are a lot of campers. Additionally, they may take part in activities like zip lining and bonfires. For fans of the outdoors and adventure, it is a must-see.

14. Ramanagaram’s Wild Trekking

One of the greatest hiking locations in India is Ramanagaram. The ideal location provides the ideal opportunity to enjoy the thrill of hiking, just 50 kilometres from Bangalore. Ramanagaram offers some of the most beautiful views when you go along its extensive paths and take in beautiful nature. In addition to trekking, a variety of other outdoor adventures are available, including mountain biking, rappelling, rock climbing, and rope traversing.

15. Incredible Parasailing at Jakkur

At Jakkur, parasailing is a breathtaking experience. Before the visitors fly, the instructors give them thorough instructions. Before the activity begins, these qualified teachers effectively oversee, provide all essential equipment, and address any potential questions. You get to enjoy a stunning view and the excitement of parasailing in Jakkur.


Bangalore, an iconic and ancient city, offers you a variety of alternatives to spice up your weekend. You may take a vacation from your everyday, normal existence and soak in the natural and historical greatness of the hidden jewels scattered across India’s Silicon Valley.


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