12 Best South Goa Restaurants that Serve Great Food at Affordable Prices


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Goa is not only famous for its beaches, but anyone who has visited Goa will tell you that it is also popular for it’s yummy and delicious Goan food. You will find a variety of food in Goa, but you should know where to go to find great food at attractive prices.

Right from the delightful seafood meal at a beach shack to a fine-dining luxurious hotel, the southern part of Goa has a wonderful range of non-vegetarian restaurants that offer tasty seafood. To make your Goan trip tastier and enjoyable some of the best restaurants in South Goa that offer seafood at a low price are mentioned below.

Martin’s Corner

Martin’s corner in South Goa has the authentic Goan delicacies. If you love to eat freshly caught food, like tiger prawns and lobster, you should visit this place. This is the best restaurant that offers the best seafood in South Goa. This is not the place and food you want to miss out when you are in Goa.

Try out the special dish Rawa Fried Mussels here. Also, you can relish Crab Masala Fry and Kingfisher Balchao with the Goan rice. Martin’s Corner is a place which exudes love and happiness.

Madhu Restaurant

This restaurant is perhaps the best place in South Goa to sit down and have a great meal and pay the right price for it. The menu is specially designed keeping in mind the Goan cuisine. So, it is replete with Prawn Curry and Rice, fish dishes, crabs and more. The restaurant is located towards the northern end of Agonda Beach. The food is delicious and also very cheap. The restaurant is very simple with a sand floor and reclining chairs facing the water. You can enjoy a beautiful evening at the beach, munching on delectable dishes watching the sunset against the blue waters.

On the whole, it is a cheap, relaxing restaurant that has a very great ambiance and food that tickles the palate and leaves you yearning for more.

Pam’s Multi Cuisine Restaurant

Located bang on the Colva Beach in Margao, Pam’s Restaurant is renowned for serving sumptuous seafood. It is a good place to have dinner with a group or even for couples looking to enjoy a beach date. The beach is crowded and the restaurant is full of foodies. You can relish your food listening to some music and the relaxing sound of the waves. Pure serenity. The price of food in this restaurant is cheap compared to other beach shacks.

You can try Prawn Curry and Rice, which is the most popular dish on the menu.

Jila Bakery

This is the right address one should guide you to, to get lost in the aroma of cookies, pastries and other delicious bakery products. It is a refuge to all the sweet-toothed in India. It is famous for the beef and prawn patties.

This bakery will make you feel right at home. It is welcoming and its snacks and treats are just out of this world.

Anoshka Restaurant and Bar

On the quiet beach of Velsao, Anoshka is a small shack that serves some good and delicious seafood. The beach is rarely crowded with people. A must try here is the Chicken Wings, they are beautifully cooked and served at a very low price. For those who love beef, this place is a must try.

Do try this place if you want to spend an evening with your loved ones on a beach and don’t want those unwanted intruders and crowds marring the tranquility of the evening.

The Fisherman’s Wharf

Their specialties include Prawn Peri-Peri and Blue Cheese Mussels. You will be licking your fingers after eating the Butter Garlic Prawns and Prawn Curry and Rice at this place. It totally depends on you what type of food you would like to have. The grilled fish and lobster with Goan masalas are the best here. You can try these dishes with their signature margarita.

Fantastic food, friendly and prompt service over here takes your fine dine experience a notch higher. The restaurant is located in the Cavelossim area.

Leda Lounge Restaurant

If you want authentic Goan cuisine, there is no place better than Leda Lounge Restaurant. From spices to traditional cooking techniques, the restaurant is completely unadulterated.

It specializes in seafood, which is an inseparable part of the Goan cuisine. Also, you can find full-fledged fish thali here. The Beef Sticks and Prawn Curry served at the restaurant are an all-time favorite.

Zeebop Restaurant in Utorda

Zeebop Restaurant is a beach shack with beautiful decorations and serene ambiance. This is the perfect place to sit and chill with your friends or family over a hearty meal.

The restaurant is open from September to May, only during the peak season. Stuffed Crabs, Mussels Rawa and Batter Fried Squids are the most sought-after dishes served at Zeebop.

Krutikar’s Restaurant and Bar

This is a small, but famous restaurant along the Vasco-Panjim route, near a village called Chicalim. This place serves the amazing seafood. It is a small place, but the food served here is simply remarkable.

Everything, right from the Lepo Fry to the traditional Goan fish thali and Stuffed Crabs, are heavenly and an absolute joy for your taste buds.

Bony’s Restaurant and Bar

Again, along the Panjim-Vasco Highway, this place serves the best Goan fish you can lay your eyes on and that for remarkably cheap rates. You will find everyone here in the afternoon, right from the cab drivers to the locals and tourists feasting on delicious seafood preparations.

Hotel Roshani

This hotel is famous for the special fish thali. The hotel has just two options in thalis – Special Thali or Regular Thali. Over the years, one thing that has still not changed is the authentic taste of food that is being served here.


Anantashram in Vasco Da Gama provides amazing seafood, at low prices and a relaxing ambient atmosphere. It is in proximity to Baskin Robbins and Naturals Ice Cream, so can be sure that you can enjoy an awesome sweet ending to your meal. At Anantashram, you can not only enjoy mouthwatering Goan cuisine but also savour Chinese and North Indian dishes. They even show you the day’s catch, and allow you to choose the fish you like, before shoving it into the oven! Be sure to try their King Fish biriyani!

Whenever you visit South Goa, make sure you visit one or all of these restaurants and go on an unforgettable gastronomic journey. Goa is recognized for shacks on the seashore, restaurants, and the food quality and diversity. You can find cheap places at every corner in Goa. All the above-mentioned places have decent ambiance and are hygienic too, as that is a definite worry for many people when visiting such places.

If you visit Goa in October to March, which is the peak tourist season, then the best place to get quality food at an affordable price is a beach shack. 


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