11 Most Expensive Bike in the World for Bike Lovers and Enthusiasts


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The most expensive bike in the world is not only about buying a really expensive bike rather it looks upon factors that make the bike unique and different from the others. A real bike lover will focus upon features that make a bike look expensive not just financially, but in ways, it beats other competitors in the market. This has made us select most expensive bikes in the world after looking upon its features as well as the price that has made them an essential to catch an eye of a biker and an enthusiastic to amaze them with uniqueness. If you are a biker or are pursuing to buy yourself an expensive gift, there is nothing that can stop you. Riders need to be on the open cruise and move ahead in whatever direction their bloodstream make them go. Although most of the bikers can feel that kind of rush, some have more horsepower than others and loves showing it with style. Take a look at our list of top 11 expensive bikes in the world for bike lovers and people who are passionate about expensive bikes.

Suzuki Hayabusa, the 11th most expensive bike worth $200,000

Suzuki Hayabusa

In the year 1999, Suzuki launched the 1300cc Hayabusa which was followed by AEM Carbon Fibre Hayabusa in the year 2008. The bike is capable of reaching a speed up to 188 miles per hour. Suzuki Hayabusa has been claimed to be the fastest production motorcycle in the world and holds a distinct position in the bike production industry. The bike is strong enough to destroy the roads and make people nervous by slapping the winds with a speed limit around 186 mph. The bike surely shows a movement in the streets which can be resembled by two-wheelers only. Being passionate for a bike and having a heart of rebel is very common in man and acquiring the fastest production motorcycle can prove a milestone for rebels who loves to discover the passion behind riding a Hayabusa. Going in for a technical modification along with replacing few parts with carbon filters is another trick which helps the Hayabusa owners blow up the road. Along with it, bike experts say that Hayabusa performance shows that it does not compromise with performance, and bike features such as comfort, handling, fuel economy, reliability, price and noise.

Ducati Testa Stretta NCR Macchia Nera Concept, the 10th most expensive bike worth $225,000

Ducati Testa Stretta NCR Macchia Nera Concept

This is another edition of Ducati which is priced high for its technical design, outlook, performance and framework. The company manufactured only a few numbers of them and then made Ducati Testa Stretta NSR a limited edition. The bike cannot compete with others on the list particularly the big ones in terms of high speed. The bike is remarkably light-weighted with just 297 pounds and is designed by a visionary designer Aldo Drudi. It uses EFI in chain drives and has a 6-speed transmission. The bike is also equipped with a powerful front double disc Brembo brakes along with a single disc brake in the rear which can control up to 185 horses produced by the engine.

Ducati Desmosedici D16RR NCR M16, 9th most expensive bike worth $232,500

Ducati Desmosedici

This model of NCR starts with a whopping price of $72,500 for Desmosedici D16RR. The lighter the model is, price becomes higher and the result is $232,500 worth road missile NCR Millona 16. In M16, you can find Carbon fibre everywhere which make the prices keep soaring. The load-bearing parts include features such as swingarm, frame and wheels. The tail, fenders, fuel tank and fairing consist of carbon too. Other mechanical parts are either avionic grade aluminium or titanium till bolts. 989cc V- Four Ducati bikes send horsepower not less than 175 to its back wheels, however, NCR had made M16 send 200 plus horsepower. The present generation MotoGP suspension further helps the horsepower come down and the M16 use race-style electric parts with data recording, user-selectable maps. The traction controls M16 and can weigh 319 lbs without gas which is much lighter than a four-cylinder MotoGP having regulated for 330 lb.

Y2K Superbike, 8th most expensive bike worth $270,000

Y2K Superbike

Produced by Marine Turbine Technologies (MTT), this bike became the first-ever with the turbine-power street legal bike along with recognised as the most powerful production bike in the world. The MTT Y2K Superbike is the first generation of Y2K’s family which is powered by gas turbine engines of a Rolls Royce-Allison. The Y2K power engine almost reveals over 320 horsepower along with 425 ft/lbs of torque on the Dyne Jet 200. Other than this, this bike has broken a record by producing 227 MPH. The Guinness Book of World Record recognises MTT’s Y2K as one of the most expensive production motorcycles which have ever gone for a sale. The bike also holds a position in the category of the most powerful production motorcycle. Besides getting awards for the outstanding features, MTT’s Y2K are engineered and manufactured in house. The solid billets fabricate the bike and very few items are purchased from outside vendors. Go for it if you seek to have a big toy for yourself.

Ecosse FE Ti XX Titanium Series, 7th most expensive bike worth $300,000

Ecosse FE Ti XX Titanium Series

Since 2007, many bike buyers thought that giving $300,000 for a single bike is insane although it seemed to be most sporty and modest for detailing what matters the most. And in 13 years, this $300,000 remains in the list of most expensive bikes in the world. The Titanium Series XX is powered by a billet aluminium engine with 2,409cc and transmits 228 horsepower to the rear wheels. To keep the weight of the bike low, carbon fibre is been used extensively. The saddle of the bike is been handcrafted by Virtuoso Berluti, a posh Italian manufacturer. The grade 9 titanium exhaust pipes certainly give a ceramic finish on them. One who has bought Ecosse FE Ti XX Titanium surely belongs to an exclusive lot as only 13 such bikes have been manufactured till date.

Dodge Tomahawk V10 Superbike, 6th most expensive bike worth $550,000

Dodge Tomahawk

The ones reading about this bike may doubt about riding it, but many enthusiastic remains much eager to ride this monster in their garage. The Tomahawk components have been composed of aluminium blocks which will surely never fail to catch the eyes of people looking for unique bikes in showroom.  Tomahawk can be regarded both, a strange beast as well as a suspicious bike. This is due to the use of V10 four-stroke Didge Viper engine which can easily horsepower its features with more than just two wheels attached. The bike will give you a feeling of being dragged by 500 supercharged horses who seek to storm the Bastille! Introduced in 2003, the Tomahawk is road-ready and very operational. It is capable of reaching 60 mph at its minimum and in 2.5 seconds, it can speed up to 400 mph.

Harley Davidson Cosmic Starship, 5th most expensive bike worth $1.5 million

Harley Davidson Cosmic Starship

One bike which use to get the first position in the most expensive bike in the world is now positioned at 7th place. But still, it claims to be sold at $3.5 million once. Harley Davidson appears to be in their Cosmic Starship which they partnered due to fame rebel cosmic existentialist artist named Jack Armstrong who applied a yellow and red coloured paint all over a Harvey V-rod. The bike was originally sold for a flat $1 million after which its fanfare spread throughout the globe. If you ever think of buying a Cosmic Starship, you need to think twice before taking out such a prized possession in the road. You must be wondering can paint do such miracles? Looking at Cosmic Starship, we can say it has surely done. The machine, as well as the art, have together made the price consideration a wiser one. You can opt for another $16,000 or buy a V-rod which comes without an art painting. In reality, this bike is more for bikers cum art lovers who are ready to spend $984,000 for an artwork on a bike.

BMS Nehmesis, 4th most expensive bike worth $3 million

BMS Nehmesis

One thing that makes BMS Nehmesis looks different from the others is the yellow glitters along with the absence of a side stand. It looks more like a flat bike standing on its belly just like a marooned whale. Though it may seem to you that it will never run, it is very functional and incorporates air-ride system. Besides supporting single-sided swingarm rear suspension, this most expensive bike can lift the motorcycle 10 inches or bend it right in the ground. This makes using a side stand unnecessary and helps Nehmesis land on its frame rails very softly when parked. The yellow glitter in the bike is 24-karat gold embossed especially for you. This makes the price of the bike as much as $3 million and people will understand why the bike owners will not let anyone take this bike out of their garage. 

Ecosse ES1 Spirit, 3rd most expensive bike worth $3.6 million

Ecosse ES1 Spirit

These two-wheeled machines have no chassis framework, the rear suspension and swingarm are attached to the gearbox. The front suspension lies over the engine and yet the bike is touted as high ad 265 pounds in weight. The front suspension of the ES1 Spirit has two A-arms which projects forward. The apices define a steering axis which carries an upright to project the front-wheel shaft. The lower Arm is functional and so is the single-sided swingarm. The handlebars are faced upward-projected steer axis to avoid the muddy steering make riders feel about the articulated front side. The motions are so unified that it will make you feel like someone directing a steering telescope. The integrated bespoke transverse inline-Four engine and the sitting position allows bending of knees which remains close to the body to control and make good ergonomics. The bike features outstanding back and front carbon fibre, and handlebars which are mounted to the front fork. This enables great front tire control and enables the ES1 Spirit to perform like F1 cars.

1949 E90 AJS Porcupine, 2nd most expensive bike worth $7 Million

1949 E90 AJS Porcupine

Lived through the Cold War, this veteran Porcupine spent twenty years in Coventry National motorcycle Museum. It was then made available for bike enthusiast who has deep pockets to pay for it. This bike surely holds a great position in history and had won a racetrack marred by many racers. AJS Porcupine could produce only 4 units in 1949 and with this bike, Les Graham won the World Championship in 1949. AJS Porcupine comes with an open frame, DOHC twin-engine, aluminium, 500cc and horizontal cylinders which gives the Porcupine a low gravity in its centre. Jam Pot is used by AJS along with Teledraulic race forks.

Neiman Marcus Limited Edition Fighter, the most expensive bike in the world worth $11 million

Neiman Marcus Limited Edition Fighter

Neiman Marcus Limited Edition Fighter wins the race of most expensive bikes in the world with a price of $11 million. One who looks upon this bike will claim that the unique clock design seems that manufacturers have taken great care of artistic designs. The eye-catching chassis which is carved from a single metal piece proves another extreme hit which can turn on any enthusiast. When the bike was announced publicly, even Apple used a similar approach to design its new laptop case. Many of the designers agreed that to give unique style at its best, the utility of any motorbike must be styled rather than hiding it from viewers sight. When bike experts saw the bike for the first time, they were knocked by its evolutionary style. Other than unique looks, Marcus Limited Edition is completely street-legal and can manage a speed of 190 mph. The horsepower comes from 120ci 45-degree air-cooled V-Twin engine which is again complemented by aluminium, titanium, and carbon fibres. It rightfully pounced over other trance-like reactions by coming up with a line, “It’s an evolution of the machine, at once taken back down to its core elements while being reinvented and re-engineered for optimal performance. It’s our street-legal sci-fi dream come to life, in the form of the limited-edition Fighter Motorcycle.”. Till date, only 45 pieces of Neiman Marcus Limited Edition has been released in the market. Go and grab yours ASAP.


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